Webkinz Classic Event Calendar – December 2022


Get ready for Christmas in Kinzville! Take a look at the calendar below to see what we have planned for the month:



Click here to download the printable PDF.



Click here to download the printable PDF.


Which event are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comment section below…


23 Responses to Webkinz Classic Event Calendar – December 2022

  1. lanadelreyteen says:

    Begging you to update the mobile app version to allow for more stuff! We don’t necessarily need the treehouse, park, etc – but it would be nice to have *more* things to do. More games especially! I hate not being able to play the full version on my chromebook.

  2. alucard says:

    PLEASE! Please update Webkinz Mobile so that those of us who are not near a computer on Christmas Day can spin the Super Wheel! I know our Christmas gift will go to our dock (at least I hope it will), but it’s not fair that we miss out on the Super Wheel, among other Daily Activities. The Mobile Webkinz is in great need of an update! I do love playing Webkinz on my computer at home, plus I enjoy having Webkinz Mobile on my phone when I am not at home. It’s just annoying that we miss out on special gifts and Wheel prizes. Please spend some time on updating Webkinz Mobile. Or…instead of spinning the Super Wheel, just add a Gift Box to our Dock, where we will get a surprise gift. I know you can come up with a way to make this work for ALL Webkinz Players that use Webkinz Mobile. :-)

  3. Pinkl97 says:

    Loving it all. Thank you, Ganz. Christmas is my favorite! <3

  4. roofusfuzzybum says:

    Thank you for all the new challenges! Am sooooo exicited!

  5. ojibwa says:

    Oh my gosh! An Eager Beavers Challenge! And I love collection events!

  6. Beckinz8 says:

    So MANY awesome things going on! Thanks for helping to keep our holiday season ‘merry and bright’ (and busy!) Happy Holidays Ganz team, and WW community!

  7. monsterhighrules323 says:

    I love the deluxe challenge prize! So excited about the glider!!

  8. hiphophipposrule2007 says:

    I am looking forward to the new theme! I always love the countdown & seeing Santa, the classics!

  9. Alexandrite_Ledger says:

    EEEEE, I cannot WAIT for the Holiday Barn room theme!! Will there be a rustic barn wedding theme anytime soon?? Also, I so hope that’s the moving job we’re doinnnnngggg. (My favorite job!)

  10. Erikarenee500797 says:

    Best month of activities EVERRRRRR

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