3 New Exclusive Items Are Available NOW!


Each time you adopt a new Webkinz pet, you’ll find a random Exclusive Item inside their gift box!  You can also earn an Exclusive Item by saving up your Wish Tokens and depositing them into the Wish Machine at the Wish Factory!


There are now 3 NEW Exclusive Items available, including a Weathered Wood Armoire, a Peridot Geode Divider, and a Giant Gladiolus Garden!





To make room for these new items, we’ve retired the Seaside Palace Sandcastle and the Time Warp Clock!




Want to see all of our available Exclusive Items together? Check out our Exclusive Item Gallery here.


Which Exclusive Items are YOUR all-time favorites? Let us know in the comments below.


46 Responses to 3 New Exclusive Items Are Available NOW!

  1. Light1997 says:

    Does anyone know if the Giant Gladiolus Garden encompasses the whole floor of a room? I basically mean does the garden stretch to cover the whole floor like a tile in any room or does it only cover a small space?

  2. Alphaowlbear says:

    I Just bought the Peridot geode and it’s so pretty – the gems shine and sparkle. The amethyst geode, while also beautiful, does not have the animation. Maybe, please, it could be remade in the future? I’d love to have all the other birthstones made into geodes to match the Windows, lamps, and mosaic tiles. Can you imagine how stunning they would look all together? :-)

  3. hoki says:

    thanks for th enew ones and also for not making them use so many tokens.

  4. Rosebud550 says:

    I wish there was new prize claw prizes… :(

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