Look for the floating Medallion!


We’re happy to announce the return of the Medallion floaty clicky in Webkinz World!



Look for the floating Medallion every day when you log in to Webkinz World for a chance to win a random Medallion! You could win one of any of our 24 Pet Medallions — collect enough Pet Medallions for a single pet to adopt it onto your account!



How else can you win Medallions? You might get one each day just for logging in to Webkinz World. There’s also a chance to win a prize, including a random Medallion, when you get a good score on certain games. (Look for the gift box icon in the Arcade — all of the mobile games, other than Goober’s Atomic Adventure — can potentially award prizes.) Deluxe Members get 10 random Medallions in their Deluxe Monthly gift box, and we’ll be adding even more ways to earn Medallions in the future.


How are your Medallion collections coming? Which pet are you closest to unlocking?


71 Responses to Look for the floating Medallion!

  1. 307emily says:

    I have 16 fish and 16 monkeys I’ll never get enough

  2. gabby1226 says:

    how do the random pets and exchange themfor the pet you want?do you

  3. THEFLASH says:

    i barely even have any mandolins they make it so hard still at least for me

  4. THEFLASH says:

    i have only found 2

  5. MONKEYSMILE05 says:

    Lets say for an argument you have 99 medallions and you need 1 more to get the pet . DO YOU EXCHANGE and get it done NOW or wait till BY CHANCE you get the last medallion for your pet ??? IF we had a TIP JAR for (?) medallions we could place ourselves at RANDOM when we needed that last 1 it would really REALLY HELP !! ;)

  6. kidzinme says:

    How do we get any pet medalions?

  7. bubbashuka says:

    I have 8 of the gargowl!!

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