4 Tips for Playing Mazin’ Run!


Learn to master obstacles!



The Mazin’ Run trophies are great collectibles!



If you beat all 10 levels while playing on Hard, you will win an actual Mazin’ Run bubble to for your pet!



It is challenging to conquer all ten levels of each difficulty. Here are some tips for mastering the trickiest obstacles in the game!


1. Jumps



Although a jump seems simple, it can be hard to get the right timing. If your jumps are consistently too short, try waiting for the very edge of the path before hitting the spacebar. You might be surprised how far onto the edge you should roll before jumping.



2. Side Jumps



These jumps are tricky! To conquer them, I like to use the controls on the screen. That way, I can keep one hand on the spacebar for the jump while my other hand controls my lean with the buttons on the screen.


When approaching a side jump, press the spacebar at the edge of the path and, when in the air, use your mouse to click the lean button. Release the lean once you’ve hit the trampoline. Watch your pet land on the other side!


3. Leans



Use the S and D keys or the buttons on the screen. I find it much easier to make these leans when I use the button on the screen.


Also, you can hold a lean for as long as you’d like. So, if there are coins in your path or if there’s another lean straight ahead, keep leaning!


4. Cannons



Wow! These cannons come out of nowhere! Make sure you’ve mastered the lean key before you play on Medium difficulty. Don’t get flustered by these cannons. Lean in the opposite direction and lift your lean quickly! There is usually a turn on the other side.


Coins are bonuses in this game, but I like to try and collect as many as possible because leaning back and forth is great practice!


What are some of YOUR Mazin’ Run tips?




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16 Responses to 4 Tips for Playing Mazin’ Run!

  1. beerfeet says:

    I play on my iPad so I have to use the controls on the screen with my fingers. There is no space bar when you play on the iPad. I’m having a real hard time getting over onto that trampoline I can jump the regular jumps using the jump button can’t quite seem to jump far enough to reach the trampoline and then bounce over to the other side. Sometimes I just turn around and go back the way I came and let the time run out. at first game was too hard but the more I play it the more I get used to it so I will keep trying

  2. gladysomega says:

    I’m an older player and did not grow up with video games, so my gaming skills are not so sharp. I’m better with word and card games. I’ve tried Mazin’ Run several times but I always end up with fatigued eyes and bad headaches and one time felt somewhat dizzy. In fact, there are a few other activities in Webkinz Next that bother my eyes and trigger headaches. It would be fantastic if I could complete a level, and then save my progress, and then log back in and do the next level without having to start over. Best Wishes to everyone who enjoys this game, but it’s not for me, not worth the headaches.

  3. amazingmom says:

    Having to play 5 games on each account really helped me get better at this game. I do feel a bit of motion sickness and can’t play all 5 games in a row. Managed to pass all 3 levels on one account – did not even realize I got the trophies, they just appear in the dock.

  4. harevister1 says:

    Thank you so much. The game is fun to play but not easy. This may help in the long run to win a trophy.

  5. Davids1lilpixie says:

    Lol I’m sorry but I most certainly was not fond of this game in classic with the hamsters, no thanks but good luck to those who do play :)

  6. kiwikat says:

    wow koodos to whom ever completes this and gets a trophy!!! I got flustered trying to hit the trampoline. I will try again after reading this maybe i wasnt far enough on the edge you spoke about :)

  7. bosco3rd says:

    can these trophies be sent to classic webkinz?

  8. cr2w says:

    The motion bothers me – I even have to look away at the intro to NEXT when it swings to go to my account. It’s not just some of Next games I don’t play long due to motion. WebKinz Rally and SkateKat on Classic bother me too.

  9. kkat says:

    This looks really hard! I get dizzy just on the easy level – too hard for me.

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