Vote for a new Campkinz Item!

It’s time to cast your vote for the fan designed Campkinz item that will be added to the Campkinz section of the WShop later this year.


While the final decision is up to the Creative Team, we will take your feedback into account when making our selection.


Between 9am on Saturday, September 2 until midnight EST on Monday, September 4, comment below to let us know which of the ten finalists is YOUR favorite:




436 Responses to Vote for a new Campkinz Item!

  1. jessegirl21 says:

    jar of fireflies!!

  2. sapphirestarr says:

    duffle bag :)

  3. allibags says:

    campkinz sign post!!!

  4. purplefrog says:

    Wow! These are all fantastic but my absolute favs are the firewood pit and paper lantern!

  5. k8phys says:

    I love the Firewood pile! It is so cool

  6. fussbudgetjr says:

    Gosh. I love the duffel bag, but I also love the firewood stacker… In the end, I think the firewood gets my vote.

  7. FoxesRule612 says:

    I like the Campkinz Exploration Tiles and the Capture the Flag Flagpoles!

  8. faimai12 says:

    Firewood pile please

  9. Aussie says:

    Love the firewood Pit.

  10. grandmadeluxe says:

    I hope the Campkinz Exploration Tiles win!!!

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