A new Season in Webkinz Next!


The Unlimited Adventure has begun! This Season is a rare and wild experience and it’s packed with Season Rewards you can’t get anywhere else.


Collect ancient artifacts for your home and for your pets including two Hidden Cave Wall Torches, the Coveted Necklace of Wonder and Arte’s Bomber Jacket.



Seasons are free to play and fun for everyone! Click the icon on the right-hand side of the screen to join the adventure. Scroll through your Season’s Progress to check out all the prizes. Select “Earning Points” to learn how you can collect Season Points to win prizes.



As you collect Season Points, you will advance through levels. Most levels will reward you with a prize!


You can also earn up to thirty more exclusive rewards by purchasing a Season Pass for as low as $6.99 USD.



Season Pass rewards include exclusive avatars, Photobooth backgrounds, clothing and items for your home plus a super exclusive recipe card. This Season, the recipe card is for Mysterious Ruins Wallpaper. And, if you make it to level 30 with a Season Pass, you will earn the ultimate prize: an Aztec Pyramid Slide!



Let the adventure begin! Which prize are you most excited to win? Please share with us in the comments.






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12 Responses to A new Season in Webkinz Next!

  1. baseballdte says:

    The slide is GORGEOUS but the stone looks like it’d hurt lol

  2. Lizzy243p says:

    Hey, what is that? A crocodile head on the coffee table?! How do we get it?? ❤️

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      It’s one of the premium prizes from this Season! You might recognize it as one of the artifacts that appear when you finish a level of Arte’s Adventure.

      • Gramps says:

        Sally, Please help. We are not getting point credits for our activities today. I have exited the game and returned, no change. Please check and see if there is a problem. I rely on all the points to get to the finish level. If I miss a day which I have completed with no additional points recorded it could very easily impact my score at the end.

  3. ConstanceClume says:

    The seasons have been a lot of fun! For this Unlimited Adventure one, I like the outfit pieces (bomber jacket, fedora, jeans, backpack) best.

  4. grimmbrothers says:

    Overall, I am enjoying the Season Challenges. I thought for sure this new Season would have a sleeping bag as a prize, but no, instead, too many wish tokens, webkinz cash, and the infamous blank space. I have the one Adventure Scout Sleeping Bag, but one is not enough. Was hoping you would take my suggestion of adding the sleeping bag to the Wish Boutique…maybe it will still happen. By the way, I love the “over the shoulder” view we can use in Kinzville Next and the ghost giving up a diamond if you find him in the mines.

  5. slk says:

    The bonus wheel appears to be preventing yarn drops after you spin it. This is twice it’s happened to me and others are having trouble too. Can someone please look into this? Thanks

  6. Sonari says:

    Love the theme of this season!! I was hoping for more Egyptian items as it’s not a theme you can get anywhere, but some day if it is, a lot of these things will go well! Off topic- please fix home zoom out, pet snapping back to entrance, please consider faster replacement method for exhausted plants, and please add a 6th daily to seasons so they’re not so demanding. ty!!

  7. gionfrid says:

    I never got the winter wonder window during the last season–when I clicked on it nothing happened. I was promised on WKNewz awhile ago that it would “appear” on my site but it never happened. Help!! Boston999

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