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As the creators of a game for children, we are dedicated to keeping our players safe online, so we understand the need for ad blockers that prevent annoying or potentially unsuitable advertising from popping up as you play.


Did you know that there is a way to allow Webkinz ads to show up that still blocks ads from other sites?


The advantage to allowing Webkinz ads to show up is that there are features and events in Webkinz World that are delivered through our ad system, including:

  • Find the ads
  • Visiting characters in the Park
  • Watch and Wins
  • And more!


Webkinz relies on advertising revenue to help us deliver the best possible product to our players. And because Webkinz complies with COPPA, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, the ads that we do show follow guidelines laid out by the government that restrict the types of marketing that can be displayed to children under 13. Want to know more about COPPA? You can read about it here.


To make sure that you’re getting the best Webkinz experience, you can ask your parents to add Webkinz to your ad blocker’s ‘whitelist’. A ‘whitelist’ allows ads from websites that YOU choose, while blocking ads from everywhere else.


Each ad blocker works a little differently. One of the most popular, Adblock Plus, makes it pretty simple to whitelist a site. Just go to, then right-click the large, red ABP stop sign icon in the top right corner. Scroll down to ‘Disable on’ and you’re done! Some other ad blockers will require you to go into their Preferences, select ‘Whitelist’ and paste into the list.


Of course, you need to get your parents’ permission before making any changes to the ad blocker on your computer. Be sure to talk to them about adding us to your whitelist so you never miss another event in Webkinz World!

105 Responses to Add Us to Your Whitelist!

  1. goldpikachugirl says:

    please let us on your whitelist

  2. ilhpal says:

    My account started saying that I’m using an ad blocker yesterday, but never before. I have tried to take it off of my whitelist, but it hasn’t worked.

  3. IndigoZap says:

    Can you block ads from free/full accounts? And also, the ‘Get A New Webkinz Account’ thing doesn’t allow you to get an e-mail or type one in anymore. I have a few accounts without e-mails, and I made a Canadian account a few years ago, and it says ‘Wow, you’re the best, my friend!’ instead of having my name in it. Is there anything to do about it? And is there a number I can call for issues with my account?

  4. Davids1lilpixie says:

    So I click on the views the ads icon to see what I’d get for the prize being that I haven’t done so in a good long while and to my surprise, despite the fact that I know for a fact that I have the Webkinz ads turned ON, I’m told that A) I need to go deluxe, which is vastly amusing considering that I paid for a years’s subscription which began in February of this year, and B) I need to turn on the White Listing for Webkinz ads, which as I’ve stated, is ALREADY ON, lol.

  5. EdgyAllanPoe says:

    I have deluxe membership and for some reason it’s still telling me to disable ad blocker or go deluxe. This is when I click the free prizes button? I’m guessing I should just disable adblock

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      The free prizes will definitely not work if you’re using an ad blocker. You must also enable third party ads from the parent account.

  6. kerijaen6 says:

    i need the ads off but i dont get how :( pls help me

  7. Kaia15 says:

    I am trying to find the baby reindeer in the park and I turned the adblocker off but I cannot find the reindeer

  8. anna915 says:

    i have not see the mayor in the park for 5 day now what is wron with the park thery are not why do yu tell us to go the park to see the mayor and get a free gift but he not there let us know thank yu

  9. intoodeep says:

    I have ads on as they are always on the right side of my screen, however, when I go to the Park, I do not see Dr. Quack. Please advise. Thank you.

  10. FrancesB says:

    I tried to add you as well as another website with the help of my technician. It was unsuccessful. Some of the other issues I would also like to address. I have been a de luxe member as far back as I can tell you. First $45. a year is not the large amount of money others are suggesting. When people are willing to spend $150 for a pair of workman’s pants this seems a small amount. I on a fixed income, in case you might think I am wealthy.The rewards are greater than that. However I agree that Ganz went overboard with the restrictions on a free account. A few years ago I had to give up de luxe and free was impossible. I do think it was unfair to make so many existing games for deluxe only. I also agree with the person who dislikes unhappy Webkinz. This morning mine got up, had breakkfast and went to the WATERPARK room where she was jumping off a cliff in a stream of water. She asked to have a bath after so much ( 5 minutes in water) playing, and wanted a bath. Yesterday I came out of a game, three demands had passed while I was playing, and was met by the demand for a car. Sorry but whiny, demanding children are not in my book and I rarely concur unless it was already planned or fitted with what I was doing. The demands are not only diuifressing they are often unreasonable like a car or i want different clothes ,while swimming, naked or in a wetsuit, a bath was another expensive item.

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