Adventure Camp Community Challenge Day 5!



You did it! Here is your code for a


Campkinz Lantern Tree



Above is your next task in the Adventure Camp Community Challenge! Remember – a community challenge is one where the whole Webkinz Community works together to reach a goal. You don’t have to play Iceberg Escapades all by yourself! We track all the plays and count them toward the total.


Come back here to Webkinz Newz tomorrow morning AFTER 9:30am to see if you reached the goal. If you did, you’ll get a code for your prize!


Missed previous day’s code? Find it here:

Rocky Geyser: W244-GTKA-HBLF-NB5W

Oak Tree Toy Box W24R-MM35-FTXJ-JGVY

Camping BBQ W24E-9G7E-DZW4-3SXS


* Enter this code in the Code Shop when you log into Webkinz. It can be accessed under the Things To Do menu. Code awards one item per account and expires at midnight EST on November 30, 2020.


Update: the above code is not actually for the Campkinz BBQ as pictured in the graphic but for the Camping BBQ shown below. Love the green Campkinz BBQ from the graphic? You can find it in the WShop! We apologize for any inconvenience.

49 Responses to Adventure Camp Community Challenge Day 5!

  1. mfaull says:

    Again, thank you for making the Game of the Day the Challenge Game!!

  2. sweetmeggiepoo says:

    It says I have to be a Delux Member to play this whimsy game. why cant you just have normal games for these community challenges or any kind of tasks to do?!

  3. sweetmeggiepoo says:

    I thought we had till 9am to still play whimsy skies! I had a tree coming down yesterday and cou;ld not get to it to play so i thought i’d try this morning. it is now only 7:30am and it wont let me play! [Becuz it is only for paid members club member] seriously?

  4. webkinzshobo says:

    I wish I could help out but I’m not a deluxe member so I can’t play Whimsy Skies or Iceberg Adventures :( Thank you to everyone who plays, I appreciate you!

  5. a5t says:

    I love that Ganz is like “Here is free art!” and then apologizes for inconvenience when they attach the wrong art like hello it’s still free stuff to decorate our rooms with, no apologies needed!

    • megamom12 says:

      I also love when something goes wrong and they are like, “So sorry about that, here is more free stuff” Okay! Thanks!!!! They have been so generous and supportive through all of this upheaval that is going on. It’s a wonderful, safe and fun place to hang out and actually be creative. I’m stunned at the most recent collection event. It’s like we are getting 2 Grand Prizes as that Pirate Sofa is so fantastic! Thank you for all of your support GANZ and the Webkinz Team!

  6. babytwinkleavfk says:

    Anybody need some Adventure Trail Mixes? It’s ok if you all have enough, i’m just offering to give some away since i have a bunch.

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