Adventure Park Quest: It’s Not Easy Being Fish King

Salley Cat has been invited to the Fish King’s underwater ball, but there’s  a limited number of invitations to the ball so can she score one more for the Daisy Lion too? The Daisy Lion will need to help make the ball a success if it wants any chance of being invited!

If the Daisy Lion completes this quest it will get to go with Salley to the ball and win a Royal Crystal Statue!



If you’re looking for an invitation too, the Not Easy Being Fish King Quest Pack is available at Ganz eStore and in the WShop. You can also unlock this quest by purchasing a Pinto Adventure Park Series Pet.

4 Responses to Adventure Park Quest: It’s Not Easy Being Fish King

  1. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    I love this pet! I have on and her name is Elyse S.. I got her from Goodwill without a tag so I’m unable to do the quest, and her tush tag said “Elyse S.” So that’s her name. I love horses!

  2. zoomycat says:

    Ooh I like that statue, would look fantastic in my Octopus’s Garden room!

  3. Beckinz8 says:

    Well, this is the quest that I remember working on, but I guess I’ve never finished it because I don’t yet have that statue. The pinto was my second pet, if my memory serves me, so apparently I am a very slow adventurer! Thank you for doing all of these articles, reminding us of all of these prizes, and kindling a renewed interest in the Adventure Park! I look forward to getting back there soon!

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