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We need your help to pick a new Halloween room theme! I hope you have looked over each concept drawing carefully (CLICK HERE to see them again). The room theme that receives the most amount of votes will be released in the W Shop on October 1st.


*Voting has now ended. CLICK HERE to see the winning theme…


41 Responses to Vote Now!

  1. sharon541 says:

    I thought the Trick or Treat Street might be a little different so I voted for that one. It was a hard decision.

  2. cookienerd_ says:

    I liked the trick or treat street. Cauldron Cafe looks like it could be cool but is kind of like the Haunted Castle one, I mean I guess you can use some in that but still. Glampire is a little cool but kind of strays away from Holloween.

  3. tmunro716 says:

    It is so hard to choose just one. They all look great, but if I have to choose so be it. It would be nice if one could be w shop, and one estore, or prize related.

  4. rynniepoo says:

    I voted for Glampire. Most of the W shops girly room themes are all e store points only. Curse the e store points!!!! ;D assuming most of the items will be bought with kinzcash.

  5. ale342209 says:

    trick or treat street!!!!

  6. jnbonin4 says:

    Trick or Treat Street

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