All players enjoy TWO WEEKS of Free Deluxe!


Big News for Free and Full Members!


From June 4 to 18, 2021 all members will enjoy the benefits of being Deluxe with TWO WEEKS of Free Deluxe Membership for everyone!


Get a feel for Deluxe with:

-        Deluxe Only Games!

-        The ability to buy Deluxe items in the W-Shop

-        Access to exclusive areas like Vacation Island, the Magical Forest and Zumwhere

-        EStore exclusives & discounts

-        Bonus classes!

-        More jobs!

-        Unlimited Questions at Quizzy’s, Signature Safari and Discovery Zone


*Free players will not have access to KinzChat PLUS, Trading Rooms, sending items through KinzPost, or adding rooms to the house during a Deluxe Preview. Monthly Gift Boxes and eStore points will not be awarded to all non-Deluxe players during the Preview.

Full Members:


Don’t worry -

If you are already a FULL member, you will continue to enjoy all the benefits of Full Membership PLUS Deluxe Membership during this period!



Existing Deluxe Members:


To thank you for your continued loyalty, please accept a bonus gift from us! During next month’s Deluxe Day, July 8, 2021, you can collect a FREE Fun to Be Young Box under Today’s Activities. That’s in addition to your regularly scheduled Deluxe Day gift!



You can purchase Deluxe memberships, Deluxe exclusives and more at Ganz eStore!



67 Responses to All players enjoy TWO WEEKS of Free Deluxe!

  1. robinroyal says:

    I made some of my accounts deluxe this month because I wanted the gothic top hat to go with the gothic tuxedo. Those accounts did not get the June gift box. Will the hat be awarded in a future gift box?

  2. mojo18x2 says:

    0ff subject, ben saving berryies all year and game won’t let jars take them and i am really really sick of nuts and bolts kicking me off game and making me restat.

  3. Gutan646 says:

    Hello, can I Gift someone Deluxe? And the Person can activate it while in the free Deluxe Week?

  4. TroyInches says:

    I would just like to ask if non-delux players will be allowed to win the monthly delux challenge since they’ll be able get the vacation wheels spins there next two weeks and then be able to play the games pretty easily, I’m always a bit concerned with doing delux things, so some one could quell my worries that would be nice. Or tell me if we shouldn’t do the quest.

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