All players enjoy TWO WEEKS of Free Deluxe!


Big News for Free and Full Members!


From June 4 to 18, 2021 all members will enjoy the benefits of being Deluxe with TWO WEEKS of Free Deluxe Membership for everyone!


Get a feel for Deluxe with:

-        Deluxe Only Games!

-        The ability to buy Deluxe items in the W-Shop

-        Access to exclusive areas like Vacation Island, the Magical Forest and Zumwhere

-        EStore exclusives & discounts

-        Bonus classes!

-        More jobs!

-        Unlimited Questions at Quizzy’s, Signature Safari and Discovery Zone


*Free players will not have access to KinzChat PLUS, Trading Rooms, sending items through KinzPost, or adding rooms to the house during a Deluxe Preview. Monthly Gift Boxes and eStore points will not be awarded to all non-Deluxe players during the Preview.

Full Members:


Don’t worry -

If you are already a FULL member, you will continue to enjoy all the benefits of Full Membership PLUS Deluxe Membership during this period!



Existing Deluxe Members:


To thank you for your continued loyalty, please accept a bonus gift from us! During next month’s Deluxe Day, July 8, 2021, you can collect a FREE Fun to Be Young Box under Today’s Activities. That’s in addition to your regularly scheduled Deluxe Day gift!



You can purchase Deluxe memberships, Deluxe exclusives and more at Ganz eStore!



67 Responses to All players enjoy TWO WEEKS of Free Deluxe!

  1. ngeorgianow says:

    I mean, I only have 7 unopened its fun to be young boxes…

  2. KarenaJ says:

    Can’t wait for the FTBY box!! Thanks so much. I missed totally out on this theme.

  3. Bowiegirl says:

    This is awesome! Thank you!

  4. miamama says:

    Thank you for the Fun to Be Young Box! I missed this theme so I am very excited to be able to get a cute car bed!

  5. TropicalGirl says:

    What an incredibly generous gift! My two accounts are already deluxe, but I’m glad to see others getting the chance to try it. Thank you, Ganz team!

  6. Msamommy says:

    I don’t understand why sending packages isn’t allowed! We have a couple old accounts that we have wonderful items on that we would LOVE to send to our current deluxe accounts but they’re just sitting there when they could be used and appreciated. I think we should be able to send whatever we want for those 2 weeks….it’s just frustrating why you would allow deluxe but limit it like that. Very disappointing.

    • cowtown2 says:

      yes the mail would be so nice to send items just for those free days would help get items from old accounts back to new or the friends you have that are just free can send gifts, they thought that when the collected coins and won a pet from collecting medallion’s that they could be like the member for a year, but no , they spent all there coins for one pet, and then they didn’t get a free year, or mail just a pet maybe this can be added in the future thank you ganz, thank you all have a great summer, stay cool and drink plenty of water on hot days, keep your pets in the cool with cool water.

    • BeezKneez says:

      I understand your point of view, but as full and deluxe memberships are Ganz’ bread and butter, I can understand why they make the limitations. If you need to empty out some old accounts, it might be worth buying the one month deluxe for 99 cents so you can move those items to your deluxe accounts.

      • Msamommy says:

        I understand your point of view, but it wouldn’t be taking away from people spending money. In my case, the two accounts were deluxe at one time, but I have no need for 4 accounts anymore since the kids grew up, so seeing that we DID pay for them at one time, you’d think we could access the items and send them to our current accounts. If that makes sense.

  7. tifferbop says:

    It’s 4:06pm on June 4th and there is no deluxe preview going on yet.

  8. ILOVEWEBKINZ1234567892374 says:

    thank you webkinz!

  9. Duckcall says:

    Thank you Ganz. I will be on vacation most of that time, but hope I can get on enough to do the challenge.

  10. ArcanineEspeon says:

    This is PERFECT! My membership just expired, and I wasn’t going to get another one until late June! The only thing we won’t get is the June Deluxe box, which is too bad because I think the exclusive clothing is (sometimes) the best part of Deluxe. Understandable, though!

    • StrwberyBananaKittie says:

      What’s your username? I have two Deluxe accounts, I can send you the items on my second account if you want! The username for that one is KittyCatMeowMeow2013 (I was young I know it’s an. interesting username LOL) Just let me know!!

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