An Important Message Regarding Customer Service

Ganz Studios is currently doing its part to help #flattenthecurve during the COVID-19 outbreak by having our Customer Support team working remotely. 
If you require assistance with your Webkinz account, please email them at: .

For help with your Ganz eStore account, Deluxe Membership or eStore Points purchase, please email: .

Emails are reviewed from Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm EST. Phone support is not available at this time.
If you sent an email within the past 2 weeks, please be patient as they are currently experiencing an extraordinarily high number of requests. They will respond to every request in order as soon as possible.

152 Responses to An Important Message Regarding Customer Service

  1. kinzklipfan says:

    Hi, I sent an email to and they responded with outdated, incorrect information (referencing pages that do not exist) that made it look like they hadn’t read my initial email. Is your email box a manned box or automated, and how can I get an actual response for my issue?

    • sally says:

      Emails are reviewed by real people. Please try emailing again.

      • kinzklipfan says:

        I tried emailing again and they sent me the same email back. It contains references to the Store Locator which used to be on the home page, but is no longer due to the discontinuation of phase 1 of Webkinz Classic plushes. They also told me that they couldn’t help me because I didn’t buy from an “official Ganz retailer”, but these also no longer exist (for Webkinz Classic). It would be helpful if Webkinz CS stopped spreading this inaccurate information in their emails. They also still didn’t answer my actual question in the email. I’m very disappointed.

        • sally says:

          What is your question? In general, there’s no support for plush purchased secondhand. When retailers were still stocking Classic plush, any code issues would be referred back to them for resolution. Retailers would then work with Ganz to get replacements.

  2. meggie04 says:

    I am angered because my friend and I both bought deluxe memberships and they do not flippin work. pls help webkinz.

  3. Track914 says:

    I received an item from doing well in a game. I believe it was the blue floral curtain shower, and I clicked collect, but it hasn’t shown up on my doc. Can you help me get it back.

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