Angora Bunny Retires!


ATTENTION ALL COLLECTORS: The Angora Bunny is retiring… and so is the Cozy Carrot Couch, its Pet Specific Item! If you are a lucky owner of this Webkinz, don’t forget to visit Today’s Activities THIS weekend to count sailboats on Saturday (May 24th) and get a FREE Moonberry on Sunday (April 27th)!



32 Responses to Angora Bunny Retires!

  1. SavannahSong says:

    not so many comments on this pet. does that mean Ganz is busy editing out all the people who find this pet less than appealing? this one’s definitely not on my shopping list, though the come-withs are cool. :> :}

  2. SaveTilikum says:

    The psi is cute, but the online bunny looks kind of strange. :D ~Ocean

  3. 303snowJ says:

    April 27? I’m confused, that was last month and underneath the moonberry, it says May 25?

  4. passwordn2 says:

    i want it though its so fluffy i’m gonna die

  5. isabell says:

    i have that couch frome trading! i love the little seed packet in the corner :)

  6. legodude says:

    I have this bunny. Love it.

  7. Bugz7H says:

    Could anybody friend me and give me the Crunchy Carrot Chutney :) My username is Bugz7H and if you have any other pet foods could you give them to me I am an ultimate pet food collector.

  8. Wycklyn says:

    does anybody have the crunchy carrot chutney or the cozy carrot couch? i would love to have them both. i’m Wycklyn in Webkinz World, too. thx! ;)

  9. davidm5 says:

    Aww… I wanted this bunny. The REAL rabbits (in real life) can get much MUCH bigger, though.

  10. TaffyKitty12 says:

    This is the first pet of mine to retire for a month and a half. I didn’t adopt it yet, though. Hopefully anyone who wants this bunny will find one someday. ;)

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