Announcing the Winning Room Theme!

We had so many great entries in our latest Share Center contest, and we narrowed the list down to 10 amazing finalists! Then YOU got to have your say and the Webkinz Classic Community has spoken!


The winning room theme which will be added to the W Shop in May is the Friendly Froggy Cottage by H8Mouse!  We are so excited to see how this theme turns out!


H8Mouse supplied a list of four items to go with this adorable theme:

  • Friendly Froggy Cottage Chair
  • Lily Patchwork Rug
  • Peaceful Pond Tea Set
  • Cozy Cottage Trundle Bed


Now we would love to hear your suggestions for more items you think might fit theme.


Congratulations to H8Mouse and all the finalists! Look for a message at the email account associated with your GanzWorld account by end of day today, March 26, 2021.

58 Responses to Announcing the Winning Room Theme!

  1. micchuml says:

    Wow! What a lovable theme! Everyone has such great ideas for matching items too! I want a cute little frog to match this theme! Great job Hsmouse!

  2. gutentag222 says:

    The theme could have a boardwalk rug/floor tile

  3. smart2006 says:

    Cattail/reeds room divider!

  4. KSC says:

    Congratulations H8Mouse! I can’t wait to see this new room theme in the W Shop!

  5. luna101217 says:

    So very happy this theme won!!! I have been thinking about items that might fit this theme all morning, and here’s what I came up with… 1. A rotatable hanging plant with each rotation having a unique potted plant and/or a group of hanging plants that has at least one plant with a lot of leaves that hang over the edge. 2. Translucent/wet-looking webbed froggy feet tiles (like paw print tiles) that can be used to make it look like a little froggy just played in a puddle and hopped in from outside. 3. An entry rack with a garden hat on it, some rain boots below, and a cute froggy watering can next to those. 4. A single pink lotus bloom in a little vase that matches the colorful Friendly Froggy Cottage Chair concept design. 5. Cute froggy face and lily pad place mats. 6. A little collection of rocks, with maybe one of the rocks having the word “Welcome” on it. 7. Knitted froggy wall art with the phrase “Hoppy Home” on it.

  6. bear10201 says:

    I am so happy the designer put a bed in the room theme!!! Thank you!

  7. unikitty11_ says:

    That Friendly Froggy Cottage Chair is so cute! Great job H8mouse you did a Magnificent job! Great job! (-:

  8. Maddie4 says:

    Congratulations. I am looking forward to the tea set and the rug. So happy it is something new in the Wshop. Stained glass wall dividers would look lovely.

  9. sadie1998 says:

    I would really love some cattails dividers! I would also like a stained glass of a lily pond.

  10. 7debbie7 says:

    Congratulations H8Mouse! Happily Voted For Your Adorable Friendly Froggy Cottage Theme.

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