April’s Featured Pets

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  1. sylviawill says:

    I love the longhorn steer!

  2. Kinz31 says:

    Love the bunny!

  3. PoodlePuppy12345 says:

    The cat is so cute!

  4. Fracktail says:

    It’s a tad weird that the Chameleon remake hasn’t changed its name, but I am a fan of its colors (even if the indigo and yellow were more unique, the fact that they were in equal amounts on the pet made them clash a bit). I really like the multicolored scales on the back!

  5. kittymade10 says:

    Sally, what month did the Webkinz baby bunny come out. By the way that’s the one I’m getting. :D I’m excited.

  6. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    Aww! The Patchwork Kitty is adorable! I know it’s a Patchwork Cat, but he deserves to be called Kitty. I USED to have a Calico Cat named Stripes, but then we moved from the farm. I’m glad April has a bunny for it’s POTM. my Birthday is in April.

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