Arcade Trophy Showcase!


Ever wonder how to win a trophy playing some of your favorite Webkinz Arcade games? In this feature we’ll tell you how!


Here’s a look at 2 Arcade trophies and how to win them:



1. Llama League Cup (Leapin’ Llama): Reach a distance of 1500 in the game to win this trophy!

2. Operation Gumball Trophy (Operation Gumball): The higher the level you complete in the game, the greater the random chance you’ll win this trophy!


Have YOU ever won one of these trophies? Let us know in the comments below!


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78 Responses to Arcade Trophy Showcase!

  1. eaglescout13 says:

    I remember when I won my Operation Gumball trophy on level 1. Good times…

  2. Yellow789 says:

    Congrats if you won a trophy, YOU must be better than me. YOU DESERVE IT!

  3. skydemonwolf says:

    I won the lama trophy before it went deluxe :S

  4. chargal2010 says:

    I won the Leaping Llama trophy which was a surprise,however the gumball game does not work on my computer or my mother’s. ???

  5. 302a says:

    How many levels do you have to complete to get a chance at the operation gumball trophy??

  6. etncpink says:

    Cool I got Leapin’ Llama trophy! Operation Gumball makes my head spin like a hoola hoop, and just like hoola hooping, I CAN’T GET IT TO WORK!!!!!!!!!! Lol I have only got through the first level or whatever u call it.. hehe

  7. pinkninja says:

    i’m trying to win a tulip trouble 2 trophy. i’m on level 11

  8. kaye10 says:

    Hi everyone. Wow…when I see this, I must admit I am still a collector (in the virtual world–in real life I am very much a modern minimalist)…I have gumball and a room full of others…but Gennelle, please help! Can you tell us if anyone has earned the Atlantiles trophy in recent years? I have many times rec’d the message I have the overall top score @ Quizzy’s, have mastered so many other things (here and in real life) but Atlantiles continues to elude me. My friend won the trophy in the early years, but it is my theory that it has gotten nearly impossible to win as there is no mention in research of anyone with a recent win. Would you please check into this and let us know?? Would be SO very much appreciated!!!!! Thanks!!!!!! :)

  9. 7debbie7 says:

    I have the Leaping Llama trophy….would love the Operation Gumball trophy….will never get it because I’m terrible at Math!

  10. JaneOfAllTrades says:

    Oh yeah! And I didn’t get a notification saying anybody had unfriended me. Just the letter. Sent from a member who is no longer on my friend list. Not sure who.

    • playnowpuppy says:

      I’v gotten letters from people who are no longer on my friends list and I always Wonder who sent them :*(

      • lavadragon says:

        Aww.. that is sad playnowpuppy. and JaneOfAllTrades… I sent you a couple of letters i know of playnowpuppy… That is sooo sad, I meet a friend in the Kinz Chat Plus Park, and meet them there a couple of times but they never came back… sigh ); They were my good friend too on Webkinz

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