Baby Penguin Retires!


The Baby Penguin is the latest Webkinz pet to retire! That means this adorable pet is sold out and no more will EVER be made! If you have this penguin as part of your collection, make sure that you visit Today’s Activities THIS weekend (Jan 25 & Jan 26) for 2 special ALL DAY events! Congratulations! Your pet and the Polar Playpen, its unique adoption gift, are now collectors’ items!


61 Responses to Baby Penguin Retires!

  1. Sizzleshine says:

    I am so glad I have one!

  2. maryhargett08g1988 says:

    i have the kitten,panda,owl,horse but i wish i could have the penguin

  3. blueberry875 says:

    Friend me, I am blueberry875

  4. rasberry208pet says:

    Baby penguin is so cute, why does it have to retire?

  5. blueberry875 says:

    Why the penguin? It is so cute!!!

  6. EEVSPEAK says:

    Wow, a Sheldon Plushie? I suppose it would be a nice thing for a non-Deluxe account but that’s really all you could come up with for a penguin? :(

  7. popy380 says:

    i have been wanting this seince october! i hope i can get it soon… i love this pet! i was gonna give her part of the nursury theme plus part of the winter theme and i was gonna name her blush… oh well i’ll adopt her eventually. >~pop~<

  8. butterfly7 says:

    For those of us that are Deluxe, we have access to oodles of Sheldons. How about exclusive items instead when a pet retires??

  9. hazelnuty says:

    lets go broncos

  10. franzeskat says:

    Yay! I have that pet! I think I’ll have a party this weekend! :)

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