Baby Showcase #94

Happy Thursday! I’m pretty excited about our spark party tomorrow — while I’m aiming to get a Violet Velvet Elephant, I’m also concentrating on getting to a 10th generation pet! I’ll be sparking my highest rarity and highest generation pets!

You can definitely tell that people took advantage of the virtual Holstein Cow being available for diamonds recently — quite a few babies have cow features! First up is this beautiful purple giraffe, which has wonderful cow back patches! It also hearts on both its chest and its ears, so you know it is a lovable baby!

I love love love these cute little frogs with giraffe horns — they look like bushy eyebrows! They’re just so funny to me. This lovely green baby also has a bright pink pet patch and super fun hyena spots. This is no common frog!

These caramel cows are always so much fun! The soft yellow and caramel colors contrast nicely with the bright pink feet and ears! The rainbow flair on the legs help the transition from yellow to pink, too. And those eyes? Simply gorgeous!

I was struck by just how much color was on this common unicorn! I love that soft pastel rainbow across the back, and the yellow-pink coloring is always so cute. It has purple feet instead of the standard pink, and that lovely heart patch on the leg. And there’s a rainbow on the shoulder. And… And … And… how is this a common pet?!

I love the purple moonbears, and the back of this baby is just a lovely splash of color, between the hyena spots, the standard moon bear markings and that lovely daisy pet patch. We have the rainbow flair on the legs again, adding a pop of color, and I love that it has the spring fawn horns!

Look, another cow-influenced baby! This husky has some unusual back patterns, courtesy of the holstein cow, and I love the black sparkle ears. Those intense blue eyes go perfectly with the snowy patches on the leg, and I love that spot of purple on the tail.

I love this orange panda! It has something of a flame effect, and it’s extar cute with those tabby stripes. The bit of purple and blue flair is a nice contrast, as is the sweet tabby green eyes. Not bad for an uncommon pet!

We’re ending off on a green pet because I love green and I am biased. What I love about these green ponies is that there’s so many shades of green, especially when they end up with green eyes and ears too! This one has fun patterning on the back courtesy of the hyena spots, and a really cool windpill pet patch — haven’t seen that one before! Very cool pet!

That’s it for me this week. Tomorrow’s spark party will be just after 10:30am EST, and I’ll be joined by Mandy and Dorothy Lou. If you join us, you might have a cameo in our spark party video! Otherwise, we just appreciate the support and good vibes. Will you be sparking? See you then!


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10 Responses to Baby Showcase #94

  1. slk says:

    There isn’t a post about the new season so I’m asking here – why is there an option in the new season week 2 to make 200 kc on tile towers OR stack ‘em up solitaire (which isn’t even IN next)?

  2. KelliAnn11 says:

    Hi! I am Gray TwilightSky 2. Thanks for featuring my pig/cow, Tambika! I was so excited to be on the list again – I am also River Heartsong 2 and my rhino was shown in Showcase 87. I LOVE seeing everyone’s babies! If anyone needs a friend who logs in to Webkinz Classic almost every day and will help with collections and you will do the same for me, please add me. KelliAnn11 :)

  3. kaitgomez says:

    Cute babies! Love the colors on the unicorn

  4. ThatCrazyTXGirl says:

    That yellow and pink cow is so cute!!

  5. shammy2009 says:

    Hi sally, how did I know if my baby is Ultra Rare, Rare, Common, or Uncommon

  6. rachelgirl192 says:

    Love the frog! (of course)

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