Dorothy Lou Answers a User Question about Trading in Webkinz Next!


A couple weeks ago, I received a very good question about trading. “How do you ask someone to trade, without inviting them to play first?”


Here is the full letter:




That’s a great question!


The answer is: No, you do not have to invite a friend over just to trade with them. Trading is much easier than that! If you’d like to ask someone to trade, just click their pet in Kinzville and click TRADE.




They may have their Trading paused or turned off. They may also choose not to trade with you. But, it’s easy enough to ask them for a trade and you can ask anyone in Kinzville.


BoulderPrairieHome, thank you for this GREAT question. I am so sorry we didn’t get to trade earlier this month. But, as thanks for your letter, I placed a very special gift in your dock. From me, Dorothy Lou, to you. Can you guess what it is? I’ll give you a hint: It’s a very refreshing headpiece. See you around Kinzville!




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24 Responses to Dorothy Lou Answers a User Question about Trading in Webkinz Next!

  1. Yucky1 says:

    There is a glitch in the Sleepover Season Selfie Wall. It is designed to sit on the floor but will only attach to a wall. It is way too big in design also in my opinion. I have tried both logging out and quitting the game but it does not fix it.

  2. booreeves says:

    Hey Dorothy I have a question about the trading. Like I pause my trading but I still don’t know what the pause do? After I clicked on it. Can you please tell me what the pause do?

  3. cat1611 says:

    Hi everybody is there any codes that expired at the end of this month

  4. kaye10 says:

    that’s really nice, but when did “Ask Dorothy Lou” become a thing? again, i’m out of the loop! At least i did already know how to trade–but how can you see someone’s folder unless they are on your friend’s list? best, k.

  5. BoulderPrarieHome says:

    OMG…I saw this and the Bow is in my dock!!!! Thank you so much. After Ruby Nightstar traded for that Bow at the Meet-up, I traded for it. I had to give Ruby two rare items, but now I wear it with my Lady Bug Outfit. So…that new Bow is now in my Trade Binder and I will gift someone else with it. I am still confused about Trading. Sometimes I am in my house and I get a trade request. Do visitors in my house somehow click on me to trade? I thought I was invisible to visitors in my house. Somehow I get asked to trade without the invite and with no one else around. I want to figure out how they do this so I can do it too. I love you Dorothy Lou…you are the best!

  6. alaynaj1212 says:

    Common Dorothy Lou W. This is why she’s my fav!

  7. manxkat says:

    I have a question about taking babies to daycare. I don’t age my baby up so I can do the events like “take your baby to the park” or ” take a picture of your baby”. But then I can’t do “take your baby to daycare”. I never seem to have enough diamonds to spark a new baby every season. Will we ever be able to take a baby that is not a newborn to daycare?

  8. crystalfawns53 says:

    Dorothy Lou, that is extremely kind of you to give the Watermeleon Bow to BoulderPrarieHome. I have to admit that it is really difficult to invite friends to Kinzville to trade, especially when they are online and they are not in Kinzville when I am. I have seen items that I really wanted many times from people on my friend’s list, but I am reluctant to invite them to Kinzville because they might be upset that I wasn’t inviting them to the ghost’s location.

  9. Mummabean says:

    Dorothy Lou you are a very kind webkinz person! I bet you made BoulderPrairieHome’s day!

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