Back to School Community Challenge Sept. 8!


You did it! You fed your pets 6,000 apples to win a KVA Cheerleader Tank Top!


Here is your community code:



If you reach today’s goal, you can claim your prize on Webkinz Newz tomorrow!


Here’s how it works:

  1. Visit Webkinz Newz to get your Community Challenge for the day
  2. Work together with the Webkinz Community to reach your goal.
  3. Check Webkinz Newz the next day after 9:30am to see if you reached the goal.
  4. If you reached the goal you can collect a Community Code for your prize! But the Community Code is only up for one day so be sure to enter it in the Code Shop on!
  5. Get the new Community Challenge and start over again!


Good luck!


Missed the previous codes? Here they are:


Textbook Tower: W24J-46EE-MNJQ-AM82

Kinzville Academy Plaque: W24L-JZCX-3GCS-XCQL 


These codes award one item per account and expires at midnight on October 31.

107 Responses to Back to School Community Challenge Sept. 8!

  1. konavw says:

    It could be to give all in different time zones to participate in all the activities.

  2. g2u3c4c5i says:

    Great work everyone! Btw, not sure if anyone noticed but Ms. Cowoline is spelled wrong. ;)

  3. Catherine1915 says:

    YAY, we did it. Good luck on today’s challenge. Hope we can get another chance to do the pom poms too.

  4. mycatsnores says:

    It would be so nice if the eStore stuff in the wShop would be put under its own tab. It is getting too cluttered, and too confusing to find things.

    • Davids1lilpixie says:

      Agreed! I’ve thought the same thing for a very long time! And if they’re going to stick us with this new docking, at least give us a search function for the darn thing!

  5. cowtown2 says:

    yeah that would help and if I found it yearlier to watch sorry I had trouble finding it at first, but ahh, so wish we could have finished that outfit I hate that when you can’t finish an outfit, it is so anyoing, well makes you mad, if they is never another chance to get that peiece back like because out of your control, like the pajama bottoms at estore free thing, I got all but bottoms can’t fiquere out how I missed them still to this day I collected each piece, but never got them, so that’s another outfit to never get, and well ok you get the point ill quit now,

    • babyssss says:

      I know this question is not about the topic going on, but has anyone had a problem about the Activites Page? The last two days they have only had a few things to do,and they can be done all day? I wonder if it a problem with Webkinz,or my computer?

      • BH1464 says:

        Unfortunately, it seems this is the new way of doing things. To list all of the daily activities at once and give all day to complete them. Not sure I like it, but what’s done is done.

      • bobme248 says:

        I’ve noticed it too – and actually like it! I’m normally on early so it gives me a chance to do more of the activities but it is bummer that there aren’t as many for those who can be on more often and on when the activities were taking place!

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