Behind The Scenes: Stripes Concept Art

Have you designed a room using items from the Stripes room theme? Before these items arrived in the WShop, the artists played around with color and design before deciding what the final pieces should look like. Here’s a look at the concepts for 3 pieces of furniture from the theme:


Striped Kitchen Sink

The final design of the Striped Kitchen Sink is much more colorful than the concept. The ivory white top really makes the colors stand out:

Striped Dining Table

The shape of the Striped Dining Table was changed from a square to a rectangle. The colors were also updated and a trim was added to match the Striped Kitchen Sink:

Serving Stripes Stove

Only a minor color adjustment was made to the Serving Stripes Stove. You can see that the color of this stove was changed from blue to white:

The Stripes room theme is now available in the WShop! What do you think about this theme? Do you think we made the right color choice? Leave your comments below…

83 Responses to Behind The Scenes: Stripes Concept Art

  1. royalkinzgirl says:

    Sorry if I’m a little late posting this! But… Great Job Ganz!

  2. plb1901 says:

    The last one looks the same.

  3. cimba2013 says:

    I wish it would be like BAM!

  4. cimba2013 says:

    I wish it could be paid with kinscash

  5. ammusa27 says:

    yes I like the before design better

  6. alexraine1 says:

    i really like those.

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