Berry Fest Community Challenge June 27, 2019

You did it! The Webkinz Community reached their goal of playing Polarberry Jam 5,000 times! Here is your code for a Jam Maker’s Pantry:




To get your prize, log into your Webkinz account enter this code at the Code Shop which can be accessed through the Things To Do menu.


Then work together as a community to reach today’s goal, then visit Webkinz Newz tomorrow after 9:30 am to see if you won!


Missed yesterday’s code? Find it here!


Code expires at midnight EST August 31, 2019.



UPDATE: Currently the 4 new berry outfits that you can win by playing Jumbleberry Fields are only available by filling a jar with Jumbleberries. On July 3rd, this will be fixed so that the Jumbleberry & Pickleberry outfits will be available by filling a jar of Jumbleberries and the Sugarberry & Moonberry outfits will be available by filling a jar with Sugarberries.


25 Responses to Berry Fest Community Challenge June 27, 2019

  1. birdfolks says:

    I can not find the green or pickleberry basket code anywhere,,, can anyone help?? I have all the others, but i didn’t get trophy today either. what am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help… Wendy aka birdfolks

  2. whiteuni7 says:

    The wallpaper is so cool! I’m sad I haven’t been able to get any of the seeds yet… I’ve gotten so many of the other prizes! I’m sure they’re a coveted prize, but if anyone had any extras I would happily send them some rare items and fun clothing pieces in return! Good luck everyone!

  3. g2u3c4c5i says:

    I got the trophy while playing today :D

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