Birdwatching 101: Find the flying Lil Chickadee on Mobile!


The Lil Chickadee is flying around your devices from May 28 to June 1! Spot the Lil Chickadee to win a spring prize. Log into the Webkinz app on your mobile device every day and watch for the floating Lil Chickadee and click on it to win. Don’t have the Webkinz Mobile App? It’s free to download! Regular users can find the Lil Blue Jay three times a day and Deluxe users can spot it up to five times a day. So be sure to log in with your device every day between May 28 and June 1 and watch for the Lil Chickadee!


104 Responses to Birdwatching 101: Find the flying Lil Chickadee on Mobile!

  1. lfrank says:

    @Webkinz it would be so nice if you gave all of webkinz players a code for the code shop that would dispense 1 of these wonderful prizes out randomly much like when you give us a white egg code. So many of us tried to get these on mobile to no avail. Either they didn’t flow at all or the frequency of how often the bird flew by was so slow that there was no way you could sit there and try and collect them all , plus most the time I tapped on a bird it was non responsive to my tap so I sit there all that time for nothing. We loved the bird watching , just didn’t work well on mobile. Please consider giving us a chance to get these great prizes. Thanks for reading.

    • 1Emerald1 says:

      This is very well stated, lfrank, and I completely agree. Overall the bird watching event worked great and was very enjoyable, but on mobile it was no sport. I gave up on it by the end of the 2nd day. But hey, I now own a lot of rain puddles, they’ll end up getting used for something.

  2. jbakcs789 says:

    I wonder if anyone got the sapling. I got all mud puddles except for the very last try I got the kite chair. Sounds like I was really lucky.

  3. duckess1 says:

    For those members who do not have access to mobile, please do not feel left out, the window and rain puddle seem to be the only thing being rewarded for finding the bird. That is if you see him and are fast enough to catch him. This is really a bad idea having some challenges only on mobile.

  4. winzarwolf says:

    plz dont do another mobile app thing. i can’t get on a mobile device and i really wanted to get the rare prize. :(

  5. ImPoisoniv31 says:

    Today I finally got something besides the window and the rain puddle…. but boo is was just the rain boots…. I was hoping for the rose tree.

  6. mrgower says:

    I never found the chickadee :( sad!

  7. KarenaJ says:

    This event is brutal. Hanging out on the app is quite frankly boring. I get on each day to spin the wheel and I love the mobile WShop items, but I don’t hang out on the app. Waiting for the bird is long and tiresome and then sometimes it flies so fast you can’t catch it. Please no more mobile events unless it’s something you can simply log on and participate in. This one had the best prize of all too, which is the rose tree sapling.

  8. 1Emerald1 says:

    This worked pretty well the first day and then quit. “Nuts and Bolts”. I am so bored with these supposedly wonderful events that don’t work.

  9. LKAGI2 says:

    My sister and I are both deluxe members and all 3 days got 15 each windows and rain paddles! What should we do to get something else?

  10. gigiliz says:

    3 days with same story: only windows and rain paddles! Who can get something else? How to get something else? I’m deluxe for 3 days got 15 items: windows and rain paddles! I hate this game!

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