Blastop Rocaket: Secret Recipe Revealed!



If your pet is looking for a snack that will really have them over the moon, then we have a great Secret Recipe for them!


When you combine these 3 ingredients on a stove, you’ll make a new recipe food that’s a real blast!


Here’s what you’ll need:


  • Chicken Nuggets

  • Orange Pop

  • Popcorn

When you feed your pet a plate of Blastop Rocaket, they’ll think it tastes out of this world!



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115 Responses to Blastop Rocaket: Secret Recipe Revealed!

  1. ribbonwebkinz12 says:

    it dosent work

  2. mgkuhns956 says:

    This works

  3. alex1805 says:

    that looks good.

  4. vt033005puppy says:

    i was playing webkinz and clicked on that apple car thingy. it brought me to this! >:(

  5. macw913 says:

    i like this recipe so much and it looks really cool

  6. buttercup5921 says:

    Thank you so much for this! I will make it! You are the best! Ganz, Please reply to me when you get this! Thanks!! :)

  7. fluffychihuahuapuppy2 says:

    great recipe and all, but when i clicked on it is was supposed to be a car made out of apples like, a apple cab, did anyone else have this problem? also, was this apple cab recipe already out?

    • prprprprp says:

      to answer all of your questions, fluffychihuahuapuppy2, I did not have that problem, because I found this recipe already posted on Webkinz Newz, also, the “apple cab” was never released on Webkinz Newz. I do no know the recipe myself, but I do know that it is a Mega Stove recipe, it;s called Pomomitta, and it has 5 ingredients in it. i hope this helps!

    • vt033005puppy says:

      exactly! that was my problem! ugh.

  8. ningana says:


  9. Kinz_Girl20 says:

    Looks awesome! :D

  10. FatAngel1999 says:

    Why can’t they give us some of the unsolved clothes recipes instead? I mean yeah, food is cool but clothes are cooler.

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