Build a Fruitland Themed Room Before September 17th!


The Fruitland room theme will be removed from the WShop on September 17th. It will be returning next summer with brand new items to collect however, there is no way of knowing which items from the theme will be retired for good! Is your pet a fruit fanatic? If so, you may want to grab this theme before it’s gone!



Watch for the Classroom room theme returning to the W-Shop on September 17th. You’ll love the 3 NEW items we’ve added to the theme!


What is your  favorite Webkinz item of all time? What NEW items would like to see added to the Fruitland theme next summer? Please leave your comments below…


115 Responses to Build a Fruitland Themed Room Before September 17th!

  1. Jamesw57 says:

    The Fruitland room theme doesn’t have any storage items, so I think some toy box shaped like an apple or pear might be one of the new items coming up in the future.

  2. fisher420wk says:

    add an apricot thing!

    • prprprprp says:

      Yeah, that is one fruit that is missing, and also a plum, or a cucumber (yeah you heard right, a cucumber is a fruit!) or a tomato (same!) or a Pomegranate, or even a Passion Fruit! Or a mango! Those last two are my favorite fruits!!!

  3. Snowflake Pup Queen says:

    Retiring on my birthday :( I hope I can get the w-shop working on my desktop today.

    • playnowpuppy says:

      I hope so too and Happy Early B-day :)

    • prprprprp says:

      Hi Snowflake Pup Queen, I am working on getting it myself, don’t have many items, but I will give some items to you anyway! I mean, I can actually get to the Wshop whenever I want, if you can’t, then I would like to send them to you! What’s your user? I’m pupcakes88 on Webkinz, I will add you and then send you the items! :)

  4. Mascoutah says:

    Hey I think this theme is seasonal because of the Berry Festival.

  5. YellowDwarf38 says:

    D: Awwwww! ;-; Maybe I can quickly grab a bunch of the items that I like in the theme before it’s gone. But if I can’t get everything in time then I may start leaning towards saving up for a bunch of the watermelon refrigerators and kiwi chairs.

  6. marymom42 says:

    I’m glad this theme is not going to be retired, and it will be back with new items next summer. I think I am going to use the pear chairs with the fall acorn prizes. My favorite item of all time was never available for purchase. They were the different colored fall trees that were a webkinz news (or parent club) floaty clicky item. My favorite theme has been the Campkinz because every summer it is made so much better by the summer challenges and give aways. And finally, my favorite holiday theme has been Halloween. Hopefully, we will get a new room theme this year. (it will be my 3rd). Christmas comes in a close 2nd. OFF topic: Will Ganz ever create a Chess game for my webkinz?

  7. Bugz7H says:

    Attention all webkinz world members if you have the lily pad dress, or bed, chair ect. please send to Bugz7H in return you can get rare, exclusive, coins, very valulable items or a retired item so friend Bugz7H on wekinz.

  8. lilypugrulestoo says:

    fruit themes are one of my favorite and I am excited to see some new things.

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