Build a Green Leaf room before Sept 23!


Hey Guys, Michael Webkinz here with a special reminder: The Green Leaf room theme is being temporarily retired from the W-Shop on September 23rd. You’ll want to grab this theme before it’s gone because you never know which items will be back and which ones will be retired for good.



You’ll find the Green Leaf room theme in the ROOM THEMES section of the W-Shop:



Sad to see the Green Leaf theme go? Here’s some news that might cheer you up… the Pretty In Pink theme is returning to the W-Shop on September 23rd!


What new items would like see added to the Green Leaf theme when it returns to the W-Shop? Please leave your comments below…


68 Responses to Build a Green Leaf room before Sept 23!

  1. jbakcs789 says:

    I’d love a bed canopy made of leaves or an animated fan.

  2. bear10201 says:

    I do not care for this room theme

  3. doingmydailies says:

    I’m sad that it has to go. I love this room theme. But when it returns I really want to see a large green leaf rug. I also want to see some kitchen counters and a refrigerator to match. That would be rally nice. I’m looking forward to some nice new additions to this room theme when it comes back!!!

  4. cowtown2 says:

    I will have to hurray and get these, I know I should have bought this way back, we do need bathroom items and windows and kitchen to this set, love your ideals everyone, I love to read comments, everyone has great ideals, I need to save up money cause the Halloween stuff will be out soon, and my cash will be gone, I used my coupons to get the higher priced items thank you for coupons webkinz we need them, to help buy these items, and the new sweet sixteen theme to, and costumes ok, I can quit now and go earn money, look out arcade here I come, thank you ganz for the fixing of things, glad the log in is back,

  5. whataawsomekitty says:

    hey webkinz I had an idea for all your changes how about bringing back the signatures for one year at least theres a ton of people who loved them and some who never really heard of them when I joined webkinz it was a the tail end of the sigs now I adore then and really want them to come back so can you consider bringing them back for just one year pleeeeaaase

  6. webkinzpupcat says:

    What happened to the green leaf fireplace? I want that. and for a new item for the theme that i would want would be a leaf tree swing!!!

  7. oats34WK says:

    guys if anybody is looking for these items for this room theme let me know and i’ll see if i have what you’re looking for i love helping people and sending to my friends.

  8. Lizzie042002 says:

    I am so glad the Pretty in Pink

  9. creativejoker says:

    Love this theme!

  10. 1Emerald1 says:

    I’d like things that would amp up the green leaf theme. It would be great to have windows for this theme with great countryside views. And something having to do with indoor plants, like a bookcase or greenhouse window filled with pots.

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