Celebrate Wacky in Webkinz Next!


Collect Wacky prizes from now until May 31st



The Wacky Celebration has begun! From now until May 31, there are two ways you can collect exclusive Wacky prizes in Webkinz Next.


First, if you see Wacky flying across your screen, click the icon to collect a Wacky-themed food item.



Collect all six food items and you can craft an exclusive Light Up Wacky Lamp on your crafting table.



Second, head to the arcade to play some Wacky Zingoz. Score 8,000 points or higher and you can win a Wacky Trophy Pedestal, Beach Towel or a rare chance at a Car.




Start collecting prizes today! The event ends on May 31





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28 Responses to Celebrate Wacky in Webkinz Next!

  1. purplefrog says:

    15 pedestals and counting! lol Fingers crossed for a towel or maybe a car!!!

  2. KSC says:

    I’ve won 3 pedestals so far. They look great in my pets’ house. I’ve also managed to craft one lamp.

  3. Pupwolf says:

    Day 3 of this event – 14 pedestals, 1 beach towel, 0 car. Did not win a car last year, either, even though I played every day.

  4. Clisa says:

    I won the car! It’s really cute :)

  5. SamDean says:

    Now that I’m actually pretty decent at Wacky I am enjoying this event a lot! Thank you! :)

    • kaye10 says:

      oh my gosh, is your name from s & d of supernatural? (sorry, this is my day to ask questions apparently ;) i have several rooms dedicated to the show on my classic account–sam & dean motel room; men of letters bunker; and bobby singer’s house. lol. thanks & best, k.

  6. bkbauer says:

    5 pedestals

  7. gadsfavs1 says:

    Is there a limit on how many prizes you can win on Wacky Zingoz or whether or not you use your daily plays or tokens? I won 5 pedestals in a row but haven’t won anything since even going way over 8000 pts. Thanks!

  8. Black379 says:

    How many times can we get a prize? I got 5 tables but kept playing to get the car and now I’m getting no rewards!!

  9. crystalfawns53 says:

    Yes!!! Thank you so much for bringing this event back!

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