Celebrate Wacky in Webkinz Next!


Collect Wacky prizes from now until May 31st



The Wacky Celebration has begun! From now until May 31, there are two ways you can collect exclusive Wacky prizes in Webkinz Next.


First, if you see Wacky flying across your screen, click the icon to collect a Wacky-themed food item.



Collect all six food items and you can craft an exclusive Light Up Wacky Lamp on your crafting table.



Second, head to the arcade to play some Wacky Zingoz. Score 8,000 points or higher and you can win a Wacky Trophy Pedestal, Beach Towel or a rare chance at a Car.




Start collecting prizes today! The event ends on May 31





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28 Responses to Celebrate Wacky in Webkinz Next!

  1. kittykat09 says:

    wait, I never once saw wacky float across my screen on either account??? did anyone else not get any floating??

  2. nanamama12 says:

    Need more cookies!

  3. 11auntie says:

    Is the Wacky lamp only one to an account? The crafting table won’t let me make a second one. I successfully made one the first day and got credit for it in the Week 2 Challenge. (At the same time I successfully crafted a purple scarf that I was not given credit for.)

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      It is not one to an account. Do you have all of the foods required to make it? The task is specifically for the Crafting Table, so wouldn’t count something crafted on the Sewing Machine

      • 11auntie says:

        Thanks for your reply. I do have all the ingredients, and after several glitched attempts today I was finally able to make it work and get the lamp and the challenge credit. However, please reread what your task actually says. You may have intended it for THE crafting table, but the wording of the task is “A crafting table”. Now look at your own thread of early July 2021 in which you announced “Crafting Challenges.” It said “Own the four crafting tables,” using the word generically.

  4. Sonari says:

    I’m glad the score isn’t too crazy to achieve. I still miss the mark sometimes, but I think if it were higher, I’d just give up altogether. It’s silly that the pedestals can’t be traded though. It doesn’t make sense, but at least they can be sold. That said, we still have some issues that really need attention:
    1) The bounce back to the entrance of a home is really, really annoying. Especially when farming. And on the subject of farming, again, please consider a better system for replanting, like a pop up after the soil collection that asks if you’d like to replace the exhausted plant. It can cost the same as buying it from the W shop, and while I can see how it’s a little complex as you wouldn’t want the farmer’s market plants to be replaced that way (I would, but I’m guessing you want to keep them limited) it could still function with restrictions in place.
    2) Another issue is the daycare. Sending a baby is fine, but the return is really glitched. They come back and then they’re gone again. It’s very buggy. You can log out and back in, but that doesn’t seem like a “working” feature. Even more important is that almost every season (or maybe every single one, I’m not sure) sending a baby to daycare is one of the objectives, yet you can’t send a baby that’s maxed out its growth. Why can’t a baby that’s ready to grow up go to day care? I know you want people to spark more babies, but I don’t think this is a good way to achieve that goal. I know I keep hesitating to tend to my babies because I don’t want to accidentally max them out and then not have the ability to achieve the daycare objective. That doesn’t seem like good parenting.
    3) Easing up the point requirements on a season (or adding a lot more options to achieve them) might also be something you want to consider. They’re very demanding so far. I recognize that buying diamonds can be encouraged by this, but again I don’t think that’s a great way to encourage spending. In order to get the pass items you already have to spend each season- which puts it relatively on par with subscription games that usually include a lot more content. If you want another way to encourage spending – check out the traits option I submitted via email ages ago in which the salon would be used to allow players to select specific pet features they’ve unlocked to alter their pets to their taste. You could sell special traits and seasonal traits – lots to work with there. Again, randomizing the outcome might yield more spending up front, but in the long run how many people get tired of not getting that special pink, green, blue etc. whichever animal they want when they spark? Giving them a chance to select eye colors, and so on, by making it a salon feature could easily make up for what they don’t spend trying to achieve their goal through random sparking.
    This seems like a lot of nitpicking, so let me say this too: I wouldn’t bother saying anything if Webkinz wasn’t already so much fun. There are tons of wonderful features and really enjoyable aspects that make it a great game. That’s why it’s so important to address the issues that detract from the amazing experience. Thank you to the team for all of your hard work and creativity, and thanks to those team members who read this over (if anyone does lol) because I think all of us in Kinzville appreciate being heard.

  5. monsterhighrules323 says:

    I have enough trophy pedestals to start a store! I tried to put them in my trading binder if anyone needed any, and I’m not able to. So I’m stuck with like 14 so far and no other prizes. I really hope I get a towel or car before this ends.

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