Celebrate Webkinz Day in Webkinz Next!


Meet Holly Hopper in Kinzville for your Webkinz Day Gift!



On April 29 meet Holly Hopper in Kinzville for a special Webkinz Day gift which will include this awesome Webkinz 2023 trophy.



And, don’t forget to pick up a piece of cake from the Food Truck, located in front of the café!



Happy Webkinz Day!



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13 Responses to Celebrate Webkinz Day in Webkinz Next!

  1. Freedom2026 says:

    I’m pretty new to Webkinz but, I really love playing, purchasing new pets and thinking of names for them, and creating their rooms! I love Classic Webkinz and I hope you will keep this great game going for many, many years to come it’s so enjoyable and can really help to wind down your day. Thank you for all the surprises, games, challenges, pet items, etc. you create! Such wonderful ideas. Thanks for all you do and for a Happy Webkinz Day and everyday :-)

  2. TroyInches says:

    I love both versions of Webkinz, I’ve been playing Classic since 2009, and Next since launch, I really hope these games can keep going for many years to come.

  3. _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

    Oh this is gorgeous!! I still gotta get on Classic argh

  4. Hari30 says:

    Does anyone have a spare non-signed Steve figurine they they woundn’t mind parting with? He’s the only one I’m missing and I really want to complete the collection! My user is bunnychan :)

    • lindy456 says:

      HI….I have an extra Steve figurine. Please send a friend request to lpark48 and I will send it. : )

      • Hari30 says:

        Hi! I tried sending you a friend request, but it won’t let me :( It just pops up with a message saying that I’m “unable to add that user to my friends list” and I’m not sure why D:

        • lindy456 says:

          Check your spelling make sure everything is typed correctly again it is lpark48…try again..let me know here.. I have another account I can use if this don’t work

  5. Bubblilious says:

    Happy Webkinz Day everyone. Thank you to all the staff who put all their efforts into keeping the game going and all the players who help me out throughout the year(s). We started playing January 1, 2009. I played with our son and have since taken over the accounts to keep them going. His grandmother bought the first Webkinz at Walt Disney World in Florida. It was the most perfect souvenir. It was a Pug and he was named Gup. I have a Next Account now too. I admit it gets to be a lot to play both but it is how I wind down at night. I enjoy both games but Classic will always be my favourite because of the memories. Cheers to a great year. Thank you for the gifts.

  6. Puppyluv9063 says:

    I have been playing Webkinz with my Mama since 2007. This game has been so wonderful. My mama and I still play, and we recently joined Webkinz Next as well! Thank you for maintaining such a wonderful game, for keeping Classic alive, and for making such a fun Next game! :)

    • Puppyluv9063 says:

      On that note, I have all of the trophies from 3-18. I am missing 15 and 16 due to being in finals during Webkinz Day those years and forgetting to log in. If anyone has spares, I would love to add them to fix the sequence in my trophy room! :)

      • gadsfavs1 says:

        Puppyluv9063, if you would like to add me, gadsfavs1, I would be happy to send those 2 trophies to you. Just let me know what your user name is so I know who to expect the FR from and where to send them too, please. :)

        • Puppyluv9063 says:

          Oh my goodness, thank you so much! :) I have been trying to find people who have them in the trading room for a while now. I really appreciate it! My FR is from Puppyluv9063. Thank you!!:)

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