Christmas Room Themes AVAILABLE NOW!


The Countryside Christmas and Home for the Holidays room themes are available now, but you’ll want to act quick, because both of these themes will be retired on December 31st (midnight, EST) and you never know which items will be back and which items will be retired for good!


The Countryside Christmas room theme will be available on and on the Webkinz mobile app. You’ll find it in THEMES A-L section of the W-Shop.



Here’s a closer look at each item included in the theme, including 4 brand new items: The Countryside Christmas Woodpile, Mailbox, Bench and Frozen Pond:



The Home for the Holidays room theme is only available from the Webkinz mobile app. You’ll find it in the MOBILE ZONE section of the mobile W-Shop:



Download the Webkinz mobile app to shop, decorate your pet’s rooms, play games, dress and feed your pets on the go! Also, check out the Mobile Zone section of the W-Shop on Webkinz Mobile for items that you won’t find anywhere else!


The Webkinz Mobile app is now available for FREE at the App Store* … and at the Google Play Store**




Remember, both of these themes are only available until December 31st (midnight, EST). Happy holidays from all your furry friends in Webkinz World!


45 Responses to Christmas Room Themes AVAILABLE NOW!

  1. bright1234 says:

    i have the mobile app and the dining table,chairs and christmas cabinet are not there to be bought

  2. cmsrockz1 says:

    I would have had a different theme than Home for the holiday. I still like the out door looking theme but I think we have had some of that theme. The bed for home for the holidays has been discontinued. I am not happy with the santa gifts.Dose anyone know where you can get the other pieces of the theme that came in the Dec monthly gift box? I chose the sofa and hve not seen any of the rest any where and also I am so tired of the same gifts to choose from in the monthly gift box and the prizes have really got bad a few years ago we would get good gifts pieces of furniture and things not clothes and wish tokens.I use to get excited each month the get the box, now I am not I just opened my deluxe boxes from June to December.all the same stuff and the choose your own prize was all the same except Dec choose gift was different but now I only have the one piece of a theme. I just thought I would see if anyone else felt the same.I really do not like getting outfits in the gift boxes. I must have a thousand pieces of clothing. Don”t get me wrong I love webkinz been on since 2007 but un happy with some of the changes….Happy Holidays to all cmsrockz

  3. 1Emerald1 says:

    These two themes are among my absolute faves. Love the new woodpile & mailbox. And the “new” bench was actually given out last year but still very cool. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it!

  4. gml1939 says:

    Is the Countryside Toboggan Hill really 1600 KC in the Wshop? I’m thinking I paid 600 each last year??

    • 1Emerald1 says:

      I’m thinking you’re right. What’s the deal with raising prices & lowering food values (again)? I read somewhere in the comments that apples are now “worthless” for food score, what an incredibly awful idea! And when I tried feeding a pet one, I saw what they meant.

      • mycatsnores says:

        It’d be nice if we got a “raise” in pay for playing arcade games, since the prices of everything have gone up so, so much! There isn’t much way to make Kinz Cash anymore – even the gardening is gone as far as being able to make and sell a lot of veggies from one plant.

      • bear10201 says:

        It takes alot more food to make my pets full. It didn’t used to be that way. I have noticed that the hunger meter drops then raises when you feed the pet. Sometimes it seems like it ends up right back where it started as if you gain nothing.

        • crystalsparklekitty says:

          same here. Only the more expensive food items actually raise your food score, and not by much. For some reason, one to four times a month, I get a message saying it’s my pets birthday, even though it isn’t. I adopted all of my pets in the summer. And the cake they give you dosen’t even work. I try feeding it to my pet, and it always says that it’s full, even if the food score meter is completely empty. Whats with that, ganz? but don’t get me wrong, I love webkinz, but some of these glitches need to be fixed.

    • catladyinpajamas says:

      Did you use a coupon? I try to use a coupon for everything I buy, it saves me a lot of money. My favorite coupons are 75%, 80% and 90%! If You buy an item that is very high in price use a high coupon, If it is low in price use a low coupon and if it is in the middle use a middle size coupon. If something is $1000.00 and you use a 50% off coupon you only pay $500.00, You save $500.00!! I love saving money!! Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

  5. TwinnDoll says:

    I love all the new items added. I have been saving up, and am still saving, so I can get things from these themes before the end of the month.

  6. KSC says:

    Love these themes! They’re so beautiful!

  7. leeann15 says:

    I just love this theme. It is absolutely beautiful! Love all the new items too! Happy Holidays to everyone and Merry Christmas!

  8. puppies4me says:

    I’m really glad to see the Home for the Holidays Theme back! I need some some pieces. Thank you guys!

  9. BlackBeauty says:

    these are so cool! I have 2 of them and i can’t waste any more money on Christmas. LOL i’m almost bankrupt!

  10. DebbieWebbie59 says:

    I wish the Home for the Holidays theme was in the WShop not just on the Mobile app. Not everyone is on the Mobile appl

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