Cocoa Lab

The Cocoa Lab loves to eat, especially when it involves a frozen treat! Fortunately they can keep all of their favorites in the Frozen Treat Fridge, although the one that’s always at the top of their list is the creamy-tasting Caramel Ice Pop!

165 Responses to Cocoa Lab

  1. makenna says:

    hi my name is makenna and i am 6 and i want that pet becase i have a dog name cocoa so i want that webkin

  2. webkinzwinterfawn says:

    i want one i need one i am getting one at wally world coco lab i will name it coco i now its like 100 people probably named coco to but i am nameing it coco :)

  3. Allie says:

    they should do a drawing to get one!!!! i luv it it is so cute i am going to get one!!!! but they need to make the dalmation again it is so cute!!!!

  4. brookebumblebee says:

    i want one if i did i will keep it! i hope ganz makes a love kitten and love puppy.ganz should also make a wacky puppy with hair sticking up

  5. Somer says:

    it so cute. i want it. i love coco lab. where can i get it.

  6. AnoukB says:

    I need this webkinz!!

  7. Ashboo123 says:


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