Ragdoll Cat

The Signature Ragdoll Cat just loves to show off their fabulous fashion sense! It just so happens they have the perfect platform with a Designer Catwalk where they can strut their stuff.  And when it’s meal time they are quite particular about only being served their favorite food, Seared Scallops!


211 Responses to Ragdoll Cat

  1. breeeeee says:

    How do you get this pet???????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Haley the ONE says:

    I really love this gorgeous cat, she is so cute. I am going to try to buy it soon!

  3. meep says:

    omg its sooooo cute. i have to get one. wish theyd show the plush though.

  4. Lucyfur500 says:

    Once i move i’m going to order this and name it Basil

  5. DJkiddo says:

    I love this elephant

  6. ili says:

    cool cat! awsome! cool!

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