Community Challenge: Webkinz Day Parade & Party!

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  1. chocolate123 says:

    good luck

  2. megamom12 says:

    Yay! More to do! I actually have already gotten the coffee as I do Next before I do Newz!

  3. angel0krystal says:

    This is great!

  4. frozenanna2 says:

    Where is this Parade? Yes, I’m SO excited to see everyone!!!!!! You want to join me sosotto?

    • unikitty11_ says:

      I think the Parade is in the Community Room in Webkinz Classic and in Next the Parade is in the Cafe. (-: Hope your day is amazing! I’m going to try to go to the Parade in Next and Classic! (-:

    • Ruby09 says:

      I think we just need to go to the community clubhouse 20k times as a community and they give the code for the poster :>

    • sosotto says:

      I would love to join you anna!!

    • unikitty11_ says:

      Hey frozenanna. I was wondering. Do you know how to submit a picture to the Design A 2021 Pet at the Share Center? Because I was trying to submit my pictures but I don’t know if I submitted them right. Do I just click the Submit A Image button, and then submit my pictures? Because, that’s what I did but I wasn’t so sure if I did it right or not. Did I do it right or do I need to do something else? If you don’t know that’s ok, I was just wondering how to do it because it was my first time submitting something and I didn’t know if I did it right or not. Hope your day is awesome!♥

      • sosotto says:

        Hey uni! So I saved my images on my computer, but you can do it that way as well, so your doin got right I think❤️

        • unikitty11_ says:

          Ok thanks sosotto!!♥ So I should just click the Submit button and just submit them?

          • sosotto says:

            I think so… Are you trying to upload them or email them?

          • frozenanna2 says:

            Hey uni! I’ve done Share center for A LONG time, and if you need any help with it, I’m glad to help! I posted A LOT over the years, all you have to do is Click the “Submit A Image” Button, then you select the Gallery, then you Click the “Browse” button, but before you even submit anything, save the image on your computer, or you can use a phone, I usually use a phone, and when you save it, you click Browse, and it will show all your photos, then you select a photo, name it, and write anything you like in the description, as if your describing the PSI, or Pet Specific Food for your pet. Anyway, then the Share Center Staff has to moderate your post, and then after you wait about a day, then you go on “My Share Center” and then your picture will be there! And if I see any of yours I’ll give the pic a 10, you can vote for peoples posts, you can make one of there posts your favorite and all kinds of stuff! You’ll get the hang of it! I wasn’t sure what was going on in there my first time either! It takes a few days, but until your used to it, I’ll be here to help you with anything that your not understanding. Also, just telling you, so that you don’t post like 5 at one time, the moderators in there don’t moderate your pic until after the weekend is over. When you post something on Saturday, or Sunday, it won’t show up until after the weekend. Lmk, if you have anymore questions uni! Have a GREAT day! Sorry I didn’t get to your comment sooner! :D ~frozenanna2 ♥ :-)

          • unikitty11_ says:

            Ok! Thank you frozenanna2 and sosotto! This helped a lot! Thanks guys! This was my first time using Share Center! I was wondering why my pictures didn’t get posted it was because I posted it on Saturday and I guess I didn’t know my pictures wouldn’t get posted until the end of the week. Lol.. Thank you guys so much! I posted my pictures a while ago so maybe if you go to Share Center you will find my pictures! I’m not the best drawer but I hope you guys will like them! :-P . Thank you! I hope you guys had a happy Webkinz Day! I hope you feel better frozenanna2! (-:

          • frozenanna2 says:

            Thanks unikitty! I’m not so great at drawing Webkinz Pets, either! But, I have some that I posted a while back, and they got like 50 votes! I also just posted another photo! Its on the Fan Art, and the Design a Homepage Gallery! I’ll be watching uni! Lmk if you have anymore questions! I’m feeling better today! Thanks for being awesome friends uni and sos!! ♥ Have a GREAT day!

  5. KSC says:

    So much fun! Looking forward to seeing everyone in Webkinz World!

  6. sosotto says:

    WOW!!! I’m SO excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Flyerdream says:

    I love parades!

  8. bonesbongo says:

    Cute poster! I will do my part to help towards the goal. ;}

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