Complete Your Collection by Trading!



We’ve said goodbye to Winterfest until next year but that doesn’t mean the end of your chances to collect more Winterfest prizes!
Did you miss out on the Winterfest prize you were really hoping for? Were you looking for multiples of some items? Not enough snowflakes to complete the Snow Fort recipe?
Trading to the rescue!
If you’re looking for more Winterfest prizes now is a great time to trade with other players in Kinzville!


Trading is simple. Click on the binder beside your pet and drag the items you’d like to trade into the binder. You can change the items in your binder at any time, including while trading. To begin a trade, click on another player, and tap Trade. This will send the player an invitation to trade. If they agree, you will both enter trading mode. Here you can look at each other’s binders, chat about the items you’re looking for, and make a deal.





All trades in Webkinz Next are one item for one item. To make trading fair we created a color chart to group items of equal or similar value. You can trade for items in the same color category.
Most Winterfest collection prizes are in the ‘Basic’ category, while the Snow Fort falls in the ‘Prize Mid’ category.
Both players must agree to any trade. You can use Chat and Emojis to work out the deal that you’re happy with. When the trade is air, tap Make Trade and a confirmation screen will appear. Both players must then press Complete Trade to have the trade go through. Remember that once a trade has gone through, it can’t be reversed.
It’s that easy to trade! Trading is a great way to complete or supplement your collections!
So long Winterfest, hello trading!







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10 Responses to Complete Your Collection by Trading!

  1. dmtiggerrrr says:

    okay this is off topic but I’m not sure where else to ask this question that it will be seen…. In Classic we get superbed boxes after adopting 10+ pets… do we also get these in Next ??

  2. luckylundy says:

    I think you should be able to trade what you want to trade regardless. There are some players that might have something you want, but you don’t have the same valve item or vise versa. Also, it’s difficult to take and change items from your box. I don’t know how to do it and I’ve tried but I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Also off topic, I don’t like that you can’t sell or “let go” of some items. I think you should be able to sell anything you want back or take few days when you are able to give the item back and get it out of your items. There are certain items that I clicked on an I have like 4 of or more and I am unable to trade, send to original Webkinz account and it doesn’t fit what I want in my room. It just takes up space. Please think about this. Thanks for all you do in both games.

    • iluvkinz1212 says:

      I have been asking for this for years. Please I would buy so much more from the Estore if only i could trade away what I don’t like. You don’t always get what you think you are and then it just adds to your dock. I feel if we pay for it we should be able to trade.

  3. mrmic5 says:

    Is there any way you can add an area where we can buy an item from someone. Sometimes we have no match? But, I still would like the item.

  4. grandmaback says:

    Unlike the tea party floaties on classic where I’m missing teasets I have lots of the Winterfest items and do not want more. Too much time involved to set up and haggle for me. Just not my style. )-:

  5. puppyluv9063 says:

    I like the idea of knowing if a trade is fair, but I don’t always agree with the system. I am not going to trade one of my retired W-Shop holiday themed items for W-Shop items you can currently get. However, I can’t trade those retired items that someone wants for an item I may actually want, such as a prize from a previous season. Or, some of the prize items have a “higher value” simply because they’re an item that is in high demand. Yet, the system has deemed that particular prize as a “low” or “mid” prize item. So I can only trade it for items in that bracket that I don’t feel are fair at all. Again, I love the idea and I fully understand the need to protect players especially with a diamonds and a kinz cash system. However, it still makes it frustrating to trade for items you actually want.

  6. kadielle says:

    I don’t think the pet specific item should be the same level as the exclusive you get when you adopt the pet or spark.

  7. treasure16 says:

    Hi Sally! It’s me, the one who’s ALWAYS excited about plushes! :P Can I please know if the next plush will be released in Feb cause one of the reasons why is cause it’s my birthday month! And I know you never tell me what it’ll be but I’d like to know as a little birthday gift! Ha. Thank you! :D

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