Last Chance to get the Pink Googles Plushy Bonus Gift With Membership!


January 31 is your last chance to collect the cute Googles plushy as a free gift with the purchase of a One Year Deluxe Membership.


This cute little plushy, free with One Year Memberships in January, is a perfect companion to the new Super Deluxe Item, the Googles Cookie Tree. The Super Deluxe Item comes with every One Year Membership purchased in 2024 and this cool dispenser gives out a free cookie every day.


If you’d like to pick up the Pink Googles plushy to go with your 2024 Super Deluxe Item, remember that this promotion ends at midnight tonight, January 31, 2024!

10 Responses to Last Chance to get the Pink Googles Plushy Bonus Gift With Membership!

  1. puppyluv9063 says:

    Sorry, this is off topic. Is anyone else having problems with the Webkinz Stadium quick events? The running says it requires speed, creativity, and intelligence, which is different requirements then usual. Also, when you compete it doesn’t show who won, it just shows little green frogs on the podium.

  2. pooted97 says:

    webbieaddict2017 Ordered also and I didn’t get the deluxe membership?

  3. bamboo211 says:

    My membership renewed on the 30th of this month. I did not get a pink google plushy. Do I need to contact customer service?

  4. Alphaowlbear says:

    My Pink Googles was a code to redeem in the Code Shop. You can check your Email for your purchase verification or you can log in to you Estore account and check your account history. Best Wishes!

  5. Woof02120 says:

    My membership auto-renewed on January 1. I didn’t receive the plushy or the super Deluxe item on my account…

  6. webbieaddict2017 says:

    I bought a Membership on the 26th and i did not get the Pink Googles can anyone help ?

    • 2002hun says:

      You get the pink googles plushy by entering a code you get after buying the membership in the code shop. I saw the codes for the plushy and otter straight after i bought my memebership. maybe check your email for the codes?

    • calla87 says:

      Did you get the 1 year membership? (It was only included in the 1 year). If so, check your order history on the site. There will be a separate code for it.

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