Deluxe Membership Opens Up More Webkinz Fun!

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  1. minimix says:

    i have been contacting you and over a month has past and nobody has answered me yet, i purchased a deluxe membership for a year, yet received no pet, where is it and why are you still not returning my messages??

  2. pixiebird says:

    I got a deluxe membership last month, about mid-may, I got the monthly deluxe box today but I didn’t get the monthly 3,000 e-store points. Why??? will I get them later in the month? Should I already have gotten them? please help

  3. cool4WHILE says:

    It looks like this month, there are a bunch of berry seeds that you can get with the deluxe membership. Thats a great idea

    • myszka14325 says:

      I actually purchased the 12 month membership because I wanted to get the berry seeds and the Pomeranian pet but I received neither of those, I contacted ganz about it but I’m very disappointed that I didn’t get what I payed for.

  4. TRINSTER says:

    I think being deluxe is totally worth it! 1: you can get a deluxe membership for half price at several sales per year 2: you get to spin the vacation wheel, wheel of wished, and wheel of deluxe every day, plus daily activities just for deluxe 3: you get to play more games, and the best ones 4: you get more floaty clickys and more collection items every day 5: you can buy more and better things at all the shops.

  5. saf123 says:

    I find the only benefit to deluxe are the lower prices at the e-store. Other then that all I get from paying for the membership is kinzcash. It may add up to a couple of thousand every day but there’s free arcade games that can do that too. I just don’t think paying to always get pretend money is worth it. Sorry Ganz.

  6. _6pea says:

    I find that the most exciting thing about being Deluxe is spinning the Wheel of Deluxe every day in the arcade. Other then that all I EVER seem to get is Kinz cash for every other daily thing that’s Deluxe. I find it’s not worth the money because of that reason!

  7. corky10angel says:

    Okay, this is for anyone at Webkinz or Ganz who has any updates: Is a Webkinz Chromebook app in the making/planning stages, or are there still discussion going on? I ask because while I have the desktop app, my sister who owns a chromebook is still having to use the website and flash to play webkinz. With flash being discontinued by Dec 2020, what will happen for Chromebook players–the mobile app limits severely what a player can do [no academy, curio shop, employment office, tournament arrena, limited games in the arcade, no tree house, park, adventure park, or Daily Tasks]; and the main computer [Windows Desktop] in the house is our parents work computer that often runs a little slow, so downloading the desktop app might not work well on it. She is almost at the point of not really playing [other than to log pets code in/collecting them], because the website browser of Webkinz has been buggy for a WHILE now. Please respond back when you have any updates!

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