Design a Medallion Pet Finalists announced

We had so many incredible submissions to our Medallion Pet Design Contest on Share Center! Thank you to everyone who entered – we have an incredibly talented community!


After going through all of the amazing submissions, we have selected the ten pets that we think could make a great Medallion Pet.


The winning pet design will be made into a virtual pet in Webkinz World, and released in April during the lead-up to Webkinz Day. The winner will also receive a Pet Design Trophy and 10 Any Pet Medallions, and all ten finalists will each receive a Merry Moonbeam Stocking Giftbox!


While the final decision on the winning pet is up to the Creative Team at Webkinz, we want to hear what you think about the finalists. Let us know in the comments below which pet you like best! After we have had a chance to consider your feedback, the winner will be announced on Friday, January 11.


Congratulations to our ten finalists:



Tapir by muskrat224


Toasted Coconut Pup by ChocolateLogic


Shooting Star Dragon by kealeemj


Secretary Bird by rissylee


mole by allig8rgirl


Kiwi Bird by lolypop1412


Highland cattle by imthinking101


Aurora Tiger by Lilieh123


Air Fawn by pandagirl10


Cookie Doe by mybeemer

276 Responses to Design a Medallion Pet Finalists announced

  1. lilybunny10 says:

    I keep trying to redeem 100 medallions for the snowy retriever, but it keeps saying that medallion redemption is not available. help!

  2. Sollace says:

    I’m amazed at the talent of those playing Webkinz. The judges for this contest are going to have a hard time picking one! Or two!

  3. news18 says:

    I love the coconut dog!

  4. happybiscuit22 says:

    I really liked the Cookie doe super cute!

  5. Sooners77 says:

    I love the Kiwi Bird. He is so cute. His eyes are twinkling and he looks like he is smiling.

  6. pawpatrol546 says:

    I really like the cookie doe . . . but I like the aurora tiger too!

  7. eclipse07 says:

    I wish the doodle cat was a finalist it looked like an old cat we had. [Mister]

  8. muskrat224 says:

    I can’t believe one of mine actually made it! aaaahhhhhhhhh! my first time too! thankyou webkinz world!!!!

  9. Bubblilious1 says:

    Hmmm…i really like the Toasted Coconut Pup. I love the colours and it looks so huggable. I must admit I had to look up some of the other pets as I was not familiar with them. Nice variety here in the finalist round. Good luck to all of you. Good job everyone who entered the contest too. I really enjoyed looking at your entries in the Share Centre. Consider entering your pet again. There were so many I’d love to see as pets.

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