Did the Noble Elk bring Arte bad luck?

If you read Ella’s article in the newspaper in Webkinz, you’ll know she found lil’ pawprints leading away from the Academy after the power outage. Of course the Noble Elk didn’t bring bad luck to Webkinz World – there’s no such thing as bad luck! But… there has been another mysterious incident in Webkinz.


You guys all did such a great job visiting the Elk in the Clubhouse that it screwed up its courage and decided to venture out to the Curio Shop and try its hand (or hoof!) at Gem Mining. Arte was a welcoming host as always and was showing the Elk the way to the mines. But when Arte came back up, he found that some items were missing from the back room! Were they stolen?


Ella is investigating the alleged crime. Be sure to follow her articles in the newspaper every Saturday. But in the meantime, the elk, convinced it brought bad luck on Arte, has gone back to the Clubhouse room and won’t come out!


Keep working on the challenge in Webkinz to help the Noble Elk and complete part 2 to win a Curio Shop Wallpaper! And be sure to visit the Elk in the Clubhouse every day. It’s handing out Chocolate Wish Tokens for luck!

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  1. KICAVE says:

    on other matters I just went to the estore to get my free wig because I am deluxe and there was nowhere to claim it , any suggestions I tapped everywhere

    • ImaPepper says:

      Hi, KICAVE–the wig prize was featured in the banner at the top of the page on eStore. It’s the banner that scrolls through the promotions at the top. You can click on the dots under the images to scroll through them, or just wait for them to scroll. Click on the prize ad when it appears, and you’ll see a thumbnail of the item with an “add to cart” button. Click the button, complete the checkout process, and voila! Prize awarded. Hope you found it before the promotion ended!

  2. KICAVE says:

    perhaps next time perch the subject that is to be touched up high so they can’t be covered

  3. gbjockey says:

    Wait, I’m confused. I checked the kinzville times and here and can’t find Ella’s post. Is anyone else exsperinsing this? :s

  4. 2hearts4me says:

    Thank-you Sally, your hint on clicking as soon as I enter the room worked great ! I was able to get my chocolates on my accounts on my first tries. Yahoo !

  5. 2hearts4me says:

    I waited over 3 hours yesterday for a chance to get my chocolate from the Noble Elk. There was a Yorkshire Terrier Pet parked on top of the Elk that wouldn’t move so the rest of us could get our prize. Please do something so rude pets can’t park on top of the Noble Elk for hours and prevent the rest of us from playing the game. Thank-you.

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      If you cannot click on the Elk, please exit the room and re-enter. Sometime “ghost” pets get stuck — it’s not necessarily someone actually parking there.

      • 2hearts4me says:

        Thanks Sally, I tried that many times over many hours and even checked to see if the pet was signed on, and she was. I even asked her to be friends and she replied yes, so I know she was there and not a ghost pet. Any other hints ?

        • Sally Webkinz says:

          If you re-enter the room, the elk should appear before the other pets — try to click quickly before they load.

        • mirforbjs says:

          I always hover my cursor over where the noble elk should be, and then I click on the corner of the square that shows up on the floor. It’s hard to explain, but that’s what works for me. Also, sometimes I can see a hint of the elk’s antlers and I try to click on that little part. Good luck!!

          • psalm145 says:

            Same as what mirforbjs said – if I click on the bottom square and wait a few seconds, the chocolate appears and I’m finished. Sometimes a bit of red appears around the square where the elk is standing, and that makes it easier to know where to click. Good luck!

          • watermags says:

            That’s a good tip! What I do is keep clicking in slightly different spots until I get the token. I’ve gotten one every day so far, you just have to keep clicking!

    • corky10angel says:

      I always click on the antlers. It takes a click or two but usually it works just fine. It does get frustrating when pets SIT onto of GUESTS and just stay there, like what are you waiting for? There is nothing else at THAT SPOT to do, other than be an annoyance to others. I get on the game at odd and random hours, and there will often be someone in that spot, but if you click the antlers it takes a second to respond and send you the treat! Hope that helps 2hearts4me!

  6. TaffyKitty12 says:

    Poor little elk! ‘^^ It’s not his fault that this stuff has been happening, although… I’m pretty sure I know who is behind it: the new lil’ munchkins XD (They were released today in the estore as part of a deluxe presale, actually! I got myself the orange and red one– she is so cute! =D <3 )

  7. Electra says:

    Could the three Lil Goblins be responsible for the power outage at the Academy?

  8. frogmom says:

    Are we sure the elk isn’t afflicted with a parasite? Is there a tick attached? That wouldn’t leave paw prints. Pack rats are desert animals, and magpies are birds. Need more clues. Happy hunting!

  9. gadsfavs1 says:

    Poor Elk looks so sad :(

  10. LovesStaffordshires says:

    It’s the three Lil Munchkins who are causing the bad luck. Pittiesrule

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