Did you complete the challenge?


You did it! The Webkinz Community got well over 30,000 visitors in the Park yesterday! WOW!!!


Here is your code for a Tricky Owl Candy Bag! Your pet can wear this tonight to go trick or treating!





Enter this code in the Code Shop which can be found under the Things To Do menu when you log into Webkinz Classic. Code expires at midnight on March 31, 2021.


Good work, everyone! We hope you have a happy and safe Halloween!

33 Responses to Did you complete the challenge?

  1. young797 says:

    the code does not work for me, I tried till I got kicked off, I proofread it and so did someone else. its just not my week. Thank you

  2. BH1464 says:

    Sally Webkinz Please HELP! I did not make it to the Reading Room in the Clubhouse enough times to get my prize. I was missing 2 candies. So, I figured I would buy them for 1,000 e-store points each. The first one went through just fine, but when I tried to purchase the Blood Sucker pop, I got the message that I did not have enough e-store points to make the purchase. I had over 30,000 e-store points in my WW game account. I figured it was just a glitch, so I went to my e-store account and transferred 2,000 more e-store points to my game account. I still got the message that I did not have enough e-store points to make the 1,000 e-store point purchase. I logged out. Closed the window. Cleared my cache and my entire history. Then signed back into my WW account and tried again to purchase the Blood Sucker pop. Same message. Then I went ahead and bought 5,000 more e-store points right from that message clicking on “Purchase more e-store points”. The additional 5,000 e-store points posted to my game account and I once again tried to purchase the Blood Sucker pop for 1,000 e-store points.. I am still getting the message that I do not have enough e-store points to purchase this 1,000 e-store point item. Without it, I can not complete my candy collection to get my grand prize. I really want that grand prize, but after midnight I won’t be able to get it. So, HELP.

  3. gabby1960 says:

    It would be interesting to know just how many pets dressed up and visited the park

  4. threehounds says:

    I almost thought 30,000 visitors was way too much, but we did it!

  5. Ndume2004 says:

    Why can’t I store this item like the rest of the treat baskets?

  6. Aeiou200413 says:

    WOW i did not think it was that many. i thought we had to have like 20 players in one room at the same time but cool and thx

  7. floppybunny40110 says:

    When does this code expire??

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