Did you complete the final Challenge?

You did it! You reached the goal to make 5,000 Homemade Holiday Stews!

Here is your code for a Holiday Apron!




Missed the previous days’ codes? Find them here:


Colorful Holiday Candle: W24G-XAK6-EAH9-2JR4

Holiday Place Setting: W24P-E7AL-FGVH-E3EU

Holiday Ornament Basket: W24Y-UWEN-XEEH-LUE6

Kinzville Holiday Snowglobe: W24J-UH5D-3KD9-MTFG



You can enter these codes at the Code Shop when you log into Webkinz! Code expires at midnight EST February 29, 2020.

25 Responses to Did you complete the final Challenge?

  1. ImaPepper says:

    Awesome, thanks everyone!

  2. bubbashuka says:

    I wish I could have contributed, I have been off for a while, but I’m very glad we have completed the tasks! Great job everyone! :)

  3. Rarity505 says:

    Hey, I love this apron!! I just bought the Holiday Puppy and this looks adorable on her! I was just wondering if the chef hat will be available at any time to complete the look?? Thanks!

  4. Mamasbrew says:

    I used the veggies out of my garden. That way I always have veggies.

  5. machaela says:

    My Homemade stew can not be fed to my pets and does not show up in my dock after logging back in.

  6. Amygirl113 says:

    YAY, we did it. Thanks everyone for helping – WW is the best!!!!!!!!!

  7. Powerann says:

    Thank you to everyone who helped out, because I couldn’t – my veggies were not ready in time. SO thankful for this Webkinz Community!!

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