Did you complete the final Challenge?

You did it! You reached the goal to make 5,000 Homemade Holiday Stews!

Here is your code for a Holiday Apron!




Missed the previous days’ codes? Find them here:


Colorful Holiday Candle: W24G-XAK6-EAH9-2JR4

Holiday Place Setting: W24P-E7AL-FGVH-E3EU

Holiday Ornament Basket: W24Y-UWEN-XEEH-LUE6

Kinzville Holiday Snowglobe: W24J-UH5D-3KD9-MTFG



You can enter these codes at the Code Shop when you log into Webkinz! Code expires at midnight EST February 29, 2020.

25 Responses to Did you complete the final Challenge?

  1. intoodeep says:

    The Webkinz members are all so fabulous! What great teamwork and communication. I was one of the members unable to harvest the stew ingredients on time. Everyone is so nice!!!

  2. PupKid008 says:

    I just noticed WKZN in the code-Webzkinz Newz! :)

  3. PupKid008 says:

    Nice job everybody! (even the people who couldn’t do the last challenge)

  4. kaye10 says:

    thanks everyone who helped get the apron, the only gift I did not already have and I was unable to harvest the necessary veggies (were not ready). … I did, however, harvest the ones which were ready & made some not so yummy (according to my pet) blue gunk :) best to all, k.

  5. alucard says:

    Such a cute prize! Thanks Ganz/Team Webkinz! And to all who helped! :-)

  6. bsl207 says:

    The code does not seem to work?

  7. monsterhighrules323 says:

    YAAAAAY!!! Way to go everyone!

  8. Traveller says:

    Congratulations everyone! What a great community.

  9. bonesbongo says:

    I’m not sure where to post this I have a question regarding DELUXE MEMBERSHIP – I sure hope that someone is able to help. I already have Deluxe Membership on accounts, it says to expire on November 30, 2019. I already have my NEW Deluxe Membership Code ready to enter. Can I enter this code today, or do I have to wait until after midnight. I don’t want to miss getting the November Deluxe Membership Gift Box.

    • kaye10 says:

      hi i’m just me, not ganz, but my advice is you’d better enter it TODAY and not wait or else you will not get the November box!! (check first to make certain you did not already get the nov. box, however ;) good luck & best, k.

  10. 7debbie7 says:

    Many Thanks To Everyone In WW Who Helped Out With This Awesome Community Challenge!

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