Did you complete the Wacky Community Challenge?


You did it! You completed the challenge! Here is your code for a


Zangoz Racing Suit*



Missed the previous days’ code? Find them here:

Case of Zangoz Orange Fizz  W24P-K6EL-NWR3-SVY8

Zangoz TCG Poster W24B-VTKJ-9F4A-HYS4

Wacky Jet Backpack W242-9BTF-JUVT-X2SY

Zangoz Racing Helmet W24Q-CX73-HTW9-SA8C


* To redeem your prize, log into your Webkinz account and enter this code at the Code Shop which can be accessed through the Things To Do menu. Then drag the case into your pet’s room to get your Orange Fizz. Every time you feed one to your pet you have a chance of winning a prize!

Code expires at midnight EST on October 31, 2019.

26 Responses to Did you complete the Wacky Community Challenge?

  1. WoofyPlays says:

    Hi Webkinz! I bought a Pet at a store and it won’t work. What should I do? (It was a sea turtle.)

  2. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    Yay!! These are great, thanks!

  3. Sonari says:

    Congrats to us all! Love these community challenges. They are so much fun!

  4. lavandar says:

    hmm, i’m getting an error that says the code has already been used

  5. Twistersmom says:

    Yesterday was a good day not only did we complete the challenge, I also got the WackyER Poster Standee poster yeah!

  6. Pokemonlover368 says:

    wow congrats everyone! thanks for all your hard work!

  7. Beckinz8 says:

    Thank you for another fun and rewarding community challenge! On an unrelated note, while playing the game of Spree today, I got three Spree cards and each said that I got a flat tire. What are the odds of that?!? My car ain’t going nowhere!

  8. CaroleF says:

    I’ll be glad to send you some stuff too!

  9. Scorpio says:

    Yeah we did, thanks so much guys for your participation, I am not a huge fan of playing Wacky games, but I enjoyed this challenge!!

  10. Rocky5465 says:

    Yay! So happy we made it to the last code to redeem, great job everyone! I feel much too weak and sick to redeem mine today, hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow to redeem it!

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