DIY Design Event Starts Today!



From Wednesday, February 21, to Thursday, February 29, look for the floating bottle of dye on your Webkinz Classic account and click on it to collect DIY dye!


Combine bottles of dye, Design Tickets and DIY furniture on the Clothing Machine at the KinzStyle Outlet, to make new furniture for your pets!



You can buy DIY furniture, DIY Design Tickets and the DIY Design Guide in the Fun Stuff > DIY section of the WShop, but you’ll only be able to collect free DIY dye during this event.



If you see a floating bottle of dye appear on your screen, click on it, and a bottle of DIY dye will be added to your Dock (limited to 2 a day for free players, 3 for full and 4 for Deluxe members).



There are four free DIY dyes to collect this time around: blue, pink, black and the brand-new DIY Orange Dye!



You can combine these DIY dyes with a piece of DIY furniture and a DIY Design Ticket on the Clothing Machine at the KinzStyle Outlet to make funky new furniture for your pets!



Remember, DIY furniture and Design Tickets can only be found in the Fun Stuff > DIY section of the WShop.



Use the THINGS TO DO menu to access the KinzStyle Outlet, then click on the link to the Clothing Machine.


Drag a DIY Design Ticket, piece of DIY furniture and a bottle of DIY dye into the Clothing Machine, then click the MAKE IT button, and your new piece of furniture will be added to your Dock!



Use the DIY Design Guide to learn more about this event. It will be added to your Dock the first time you log in to your Webkinz Classic account from February 21 – 29.



There are also three bottles of premium DIY dye that you can purchase from the WShop for eStore points. Look for bottles of DIY Retro Dye, DIY Pastel Dye and DIY Tropical Dye in the Fun Stuff > DIY section of the WShop.


Combine a bottle of premium DIY dye with a DIY Design Ticket and piece of DIY furniture to make fancy new furniture that your pets will love:


Can’t wait to start designing? Bottles of premium DIY dye are currently available to buy from the WShop today, and will remain in the WShop once the DIY event ends on Webkinz Classic.



Play Webkinz Classic every day during the DIY Design event to collect as many dyes as you can… you never know which dyes will be available the next time we hold this event!


Want to learn more? CLICK HERE to watch a Podkinz episode about DIY Design events!


Did you manage to find an orange bottle of DYI dye today? Let us know in the comment section below…


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9 Responses to DIY Design Event Starts Today!

  1. paduga1 says:

    We have several accounts on Webkinz and I am not getting ay idy bottles of dye.I sign out go back in and no dyes. I go to another of our accounts,same thing.Can you think of any reason why this is happening?

  2. addictedtowebkinz says:

    Is there a storage option for these dyes? I’d like to keep them in case the vases ever come back. Otherwise I have plenty

  3. nanamama12 says:

    The very first bottle was the new dye! I’m so happy!

  4. kalcan8 says:

    The new orange is making me hungry!

  5. mkd61_mkd says:

    First time for the dye and I got the new orange

  6. treasure16 says:

    Hi Sally! Sorry I was asking you all those questions and asking when the White Bunny will be at the Ganz Estore. It’s just because I’m SO excited for it and I can’t stop looking at it because I’ve been DYING for a new plush bunny! Everyday for who knows how long on the wishing well on Webkinz Classic I was wishing “I wish Ganz will make a Webkinz bunny” and it came true! So that’s why I’m waiting for it to be available! I’m gonna make it a girl and name her Cream Puff! :D!

  7. rosencrantzzz says:

    Hi guys, I couldn’t manage to get the needed amount of points the last wacky weekend, by any chance anyone is so good at it that got several tea sets and would be so kind to share one with me? If so, please add me as a friend as Rosecrantzzz, thanks a lot.

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