Dr. Quack’s Out-of-Control Office!

Heya Webkinz Newz readers! You’ll never guess where I was the other day.

Give up?

I was at Dr. Quack’s Office! I had a terrible sore throat, and fortunately the good doctor was able to fix it (hooray for peanut lozenges!). Anyway, while I was there (in the waiting room, then in the exam room), I noticed something…the place was a design disaster! Not only did Dr. Q need some serious organization, his decorating looks like it’s at least thirty years old – seriously, what doctor’s office has brownish-orange walls? Fortunately, I happen to have an eye for design, so I offered my skills.









This is the ‘before’ picture – the walls aren’t a great color, Dr. Quack’s desk is a HUGE mess (hello, storage space) and there are too many random things on the wall. The worst offender of all, however, is the rug in the middle of the room. When I asked why Dr. Quack liked it, he said, “It’s eclectic!” I rolled it up and put it into storage.

This is the after shot!









Note how clean and pretty everything looks!  The walls are so modern and the floor is spotless. We’ve moved the books to a shelf, cleaned up the leftover papers, added a neat bonsai plant and a print (very relaxing for nervous ‘Kinz in the waiting room), a fun game to play while you wait, some plush couches and an up-to-date examination table. When Dr. Quack saw the new look, he had one thing to say: “Wow.”

Mission accomplished!

135 Responses to Dr. Quack’s Out-of-Control Office!

  1. corrine says:

    I don’t like either office!

  2. sissyapr21 says:

    Hailey does it again!

  3. crazy4ponies says:

    omg love the desk and plants but what are they!!!

  4. strep4 says:

    How about adding some things to the garden like a watering system. I hate to waste water. Maybe some sort of irragation system with a wind mill. It could be won with tokens or it could be a rare item. I have solar and wind turbine but neither does anything for my garden. My gardening is getting boring. Maybe some soybeans, or flowers to water and grow.
    Just thinking…..Thank you.

  5. bellabella6 says:

    I have been remodeling for a whole WEEK!!!!!!!
    It is tiring work but very FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Greeninwi says:


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