Ella on the Street: A Special Report from Dr. Quack’s Clinic!


Hello again Webkinz Newz readers! It’s Ella McWoof, Kinzville’s resident blogger and I’m here with another special report! We all remember the massive explosion at Goober’s Lab last week, and the strange-colored rain that followed shortly after. Because of these events, it appears that an amazing side effect has affected the citizens of Kinzville—pets are no longer getting sick!


The word on the street was that Dr. Quack had been working with Goober on a secret project before the explosion, so I rushed over to his clinic to get the scoop!



Ella: Dr. Quack, I understand you were working on something with Goober before his lab exploded last week. Can you tell me what it was?


Dr. Quack: Goober and I had created a remedy to help combat the epidemic that was spreading among the citizens of Kinzville. Goober was in the process of mass producing this new remedy when the explosion destroyed everything.


Ella: And yet now you say pets are no longer getting sick. How do you know this?


Dr. Quack: Before the accident, I had a lineup of pets running out the door every day at my clinic. But after the accident, the only pets I see are coming in for their regular checkups. I haven’t seen a single case of a cold or flu in a week!


Ella: But you said everything was destroyed in the explosion. How do you explain this sudden improvement in everyone’s health?


Dr. Quack: Well, you can see these strange-colored clouds in the sky and then there’s this odd-smelling rain… My theory is that the remedy became airborne and this was how it was able to affect everyone.


Ella: So then, what does this mean now? No one in Kinzville will get sick again… ever?


Dr. Quack: We’ll have to wait and see, but yes… that looks like a possibility.


Ella: But then, what does that mean for you and your clinic?


Dr. Quack: I… I actually hadn’t thought about it until just now. I guess I’ll have to see what use Kinzville has for a doctor now that no one is getting sick. At least it looks like I’ll have a lot of time to myself to think about it.


Ella: Thank you for this Dr. Quack. And thank you for everything you’ve done for the citizens of Kinzville over the past 10 years.


Dr. Quack: As always, you and the citizens of Kinzville are very welcome.





What do YOU think about pets no longer getting sick in Webkinz World? And what do you think Dr. Quack should do now? Let me know what you think in the comments below…


If you missed any of this story, you can read Dr. Quack’s Journal archives here.



278 Responses to Ella on the Street: A Special Report from Dr. Quack’s Clinic!

  1. lilahg28 says:

    Dr. Quack… I’ll never forget you… You helped so many people and made so many happy, now you’re gone… This is alot to take in..

  2. ilovewebkinz708 says:

    I am just thinking that this is not very realistic as to real life. Webkinz is supposed to be realistic ONLY to a certain limit, but the idea of no pet ever getting sick again is pretty unrealistic. Like, the wheel of wow or any other made up stuff is fine, but, not having a doctor? That is too unrealistic and…now if your pet can’t even get sick then what is the point of taking care of it, huh? Seriously webkinz, I think you went too far. :|

  3. Hope0729 says:

    I an really going to miss Dr Quack

  4. brendibratperks says:

    Sorry to see you go Dr. Quack Enjoy your new journey,you will be missed. Will we get a new doctor in town some day?

  5. fidmommy1 says:

    yeh when I log in all my numbers are down to o or 97 and I try to feed my pet and its not hungry no more Dr. Quack makes me very sad maybe he can train someone to replace him if he wants to retire think how this will make goober feel could we help rebuild his clinic in a quest to have added help for him and stuff like that. Then maybe he could go on a vacation and when he gets back there would be a brand new clinic waiting for him what do you think Mayor

  6. webkinzandanimalcrossing says:

    Well, I wasn’t on the day of the rain, and every time I log on, all my Webkinz happiness, health, and hunger bars are at 0 and i have TONS of Webkinz so i hate going through every single one on my account and making the bars to go back to normal. Also, if Dr. Quack does leave, I have played Webkinz Friends (while it was around) and it showed in a challenge Dr. Quack and Ms. Birdy are in love and everybody knows they are the perfect couple so maybe they could get married and work together at the adoption center together. Sorry this isn’t in the suggestion forum.

  7. cupcakekatie says:

    *chants* keep dr quack keep dr quack keep dr quack! # keepdrquackchant

  8. cupcakekatie says:


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