Enter Our Campkinz Room Share Center Draw!

It’s time for camp! We know you have been busy collecting Marshmallows and collecting awesome prizes. Now you can use those prizes – or any cool Webkinz items – as a backdrop for your entry in our new Campkinz Room Share Center Draw!

From July 15 to August 16, take a screen shot of your Campkinz Room and post to the Share Center to be entered in a random draw for one of five White Water Rafting Rides. Check out the video for inspiration and instructions on how to post to the Share Center.


How to enter:

Design a Campkinz Room on webkinz.com. It can be an indoor or outdoor room.

Take a screenshot of your Campkinz Room.

Share it on the Share Center in the Campkinz Room Gallery by August 15, 2017.

Check back on August 16 to see if your name is selected in our random draw for one of five White Water Rafting Rides.


See full contest rules here.

60 Responses to Enter Our Campkinz Room Share Center Draw!

  1. sharktooth0126 says:

    it is a waterfallx

  2. Dipstick2013 says:

    I submitted my room 3 days ago but I haven’t gotten the email stating it was posted. Does it usually take so long or should I try resubmitting?

  3. criss999 says:

    i cant enter my pic me sad

  4. cvasko says:

    Sally I want to load the picture I have for the contests…but when I get to the share center and try to up load my picture it does nothing? what am I doing wrong? I used to always load my rooms now I can’t. Then another question how do I put my flash player on in this area? It’s in my computer at the highest level possible…. It’s so time consumming and frustrationg…

    • Steve Webkinz says:

      This issue generally occurs when Flash is disabled for the website. Unfortunately, Some browsers (especially Safari) now disable Flash by default. Just Google “How to turn on Flash” for the web browser you are using to learn more.

    • Rionercas says:

      Hey, if you wanna get the best of Webkinz, I found that Edge works best for general play, and Firefox works best when you’re trying to click buttons that aren’t working, like if it won’t let you spin a wheel or something. But it’s really glitchy so I just use it for daily activities and the spa at vacation island and for contests like this one, and then I use edge for wandering around and building my room. :) -Rion

  5. jorell says:

    been trying to play on explorer since I can no longer access any kind of log in button on google chrome. Besides it not loading and/or just randomly flipping to the log in page, I am every now and again getting a message from Microsoft that there is an error with Webkinz. What is going on???

  6. Prettypikachu says:

    The Submit button is still not appearing for me for this contest – does anyone have any suggestions to fix this? Thanks!

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      You will need to enable the Flash plugin for share.ganzworld.com — the submit button uses Flash, which is often disabled by browsers by default and must be enabled on individual websites.

      • MiaStella789 says:

        You know i have gone thru all the steps to enable my flash and then some and i’m still having problems. Log ins are super slow if at all and then when i finally get logged in it says we cannot connect to webkinz right now. I use to play 10 hours a day or more and now i’m so frustrated that now i’m barely playing at all. I give up..

  7. g2u3c4c5i says:

    I was a little confused at the sharecentre because it said it started June 15 instead of July. Someone should fix that. Also Ganz, I have a suggestion. The Webkinz Stadium needs some new types of contests. There are only three right now, and though I love Running, Cooking, and Beauty Pageants, some others would be a great way to promote the stadium to other players. -g2u3c4c5i :)

  8. 1955tiny says:

    GOLDEN SPACE SUIT – ALYSSA stat challenge B4 it’s too late .

  9. Davids1lilpixie says:

    What I REALLY wish is that when Ganz has these contests in the share center, I have an awful time finding said contest! Even when I do a search and the share center tells me no such gallery exists for Campkinz Share. Like today!

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