What’s New at eStore this weekend!

What’s NEW at eStore!

Catch some of the new stuff being offered at Webkinz and Ganz eStores this weekend.

The brilliant and creative members of Webkinz World came up with the idea for this ride! Strap your pet into the Dizzy Drop Ride and they’ll reach for the stars before dropping back down to the ground!

You can find a new Fan’s Choice item each month at both Webkinz and Ganz eStores!

Now your pet can get an amazing pedicure without having to leave the Glam Boutique! Watch as the massaging bubbles make your pet’s paws pristine with the new Glamorous Pedi Station!

You can find this new Glam Boutique Theme addition at both Webkinz and Ganz eStores!

Last but not least… a MYSTERY ITEM!

This Mystery Item matches a Clothing Recipe from the Clothing Machine in the KinzStyle™ Outlet.

Oooooooh, I wonder what it could be… :)

466 Responses to What’s New at eStore this weekend!

  1. keekeow says:

    I think I know what the secret item is. I think it is an outfit. It might not . Do you know

  2. prettyyellow says:

    that looks so cool

  3. rocko says:

    looks like heaven:)!

  4. jaceyracey12345 says:

    i wonder wat it is it definetly will have stars

  5. ttrock234 says:

    oooohhhhhhh!i want that ride and the mystery item…by the shape it kinda looks cute.im gonna save alot of g points…what ever its called.i keep on spending them.im gonna try to figure out the recipe for the secret item

  6. 5545050 says:

    when is the ride going to come out?

  7. zoe J says:

    look’s like so much fun.

  8. dinardo87 says:

    I wander what the siaceit itam is i bet it is sooooo cooooollllleeeee

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