Fall Fest Starts Today!



Fall Fest has arrived and everyone in Kinzville is ready to celebrate! From September 23 – 30, look for floating leaves on your Webkinz account and click on them to win a fall themed prize (limited to 6 prizes a day, 9 for Deluxe players).


Here’s a look at what you can win:



Bottles of 2019 Fall Fest Soda are also available this year. You can pick up packs Fall Fest Soda at the eStore and at the W Shop for eStore points. You’ll find them in the NEW & PROMOS section of the shop.



Every time you feed your pet a bottle of 2019 Fall Fest Soda you’ll win one of the following prizes, including the Grand Prize: A Giant Oak Tree!



The Giant Oak Tree is stunning and your pets can climb it too!



How many leaves have you found so far? Let us know in the comment section below…


94 Responses to Fall Fest Starts Today!

  1. janmatt says:

    Found 0 leaves so far. When is the beat time of day to see the leaves. And what areas are the best to be in.

  2. pinkbluerainbowgirl says:

    Does anyone have any extra painting they can send? I didn’t manage to get one. -pinkbluerainbowgirl

  3. konniekinz says:

    Hello friends! if anyone has any extra paintings, pizzas, fences, or piles of leaves, I wasnt able to play very often and didnt get many prizes if anyone has extras they are willing to send. Thank you!!! my user is pasty53

  4. Snowlico says:

    Unfortunately I couldn’t get on everyday to collect leaves so couldn’t collect all the different items. Thanks to some generous users I have several of each kind of seeds which I really appreciate. Thank you. :) (If there are others who don’t want their seeds I would definitely like even more.) Anyways the prizes I missed are the fence and the pile of leaves so if anyone has extras of those I would really like to get some. I do have 2 extras of the pizza that I don’t need if anyone wants them. Thanks to several generous users I’ve been sent their unwanted creek tiles. I’ve already created a room with them that I think turned out really well. Only thing it’s missing is a darling deer topiary to go with my darling doe topiary if anyone has an extra would really like to get one. (I would still appreciate getting more creek tiles if anyone doesn’t want them.) Also if anyone knows the answer I was wondering where the bridge is from that seems to connect to the creek tiles.

  5. szivarvany5 says:

    Does anyone have any of the three kinds of seeds from fall fest? I only got a couple because I could not manage to go on for nearly enough time to get them.

  6. stinkum5 says:

    I would love some cantaloupe and peach seeds to go in my garden. If anyone has an extra one I would greatly appreciate it if you would send me one. Thank you!

  7. grampam313 says:

    I wish we could get more bottles of soda as wheel prizes or something as I’d really like the cantaloupe and peach seeds. I hate that the best prizes are always at the e-store and not more available to everyone.

  8. Pinkd15 says:

    Does anybody have any extra veggie fences?? I need a whole bunch, can anyone help me out? username: Pinkd15

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