Fan Art Showcase #46

Welcome to another edition of Ganz Fanz! This edition features fan art drawn by PurpleFox for other members in our Forum! These and more can be found in the Share Center.



If you want to send in your favorite Webkinz drawings (and maybe get them posted on the Webkinz Newz front page!), please share them in the Share Center (under “Fan Art”) at the Ganz Parent Club or snail mail them to:



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83 Responses to Fan Art Showcase #46

  1. Bubblilious1 says:

    These fox drawings are amazing. I like their names and charm too. I am sure a lot of thought goes into each one.

    • PurpleFox says:

      Thank you very much! I want to give credits to each owner of each pet drawn. Sweet Coco belongs to 9boogirl (Prettypikachu), ever-so-dramatic Avalon belongs to SnowFox15, Toby belongs to LuckyTheBeagle, energetic Dash belongs to TaffyKitty12, and Piper belongs to PokeKinz!

  2. foxmillionair says:

    Purple fox you are amazing I really love your fox drawing and all the rest for that matter! Keep up the good work :)

  3. Prettypikachu says:

    I think I was as overjoyed as you, PurpleFox, when I saw Coco, Avalon, Dash, Piper, and Toby! Adorable drawings, Thanks so much, once again. You can never say thank you too much!

  4. RainbowDash20PercentCoole says:

    PurpleFox! Your FanArt got featured! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your drawing of Dash reminds me of the older diseny movies.

  5. PurpleFox says:

    I want to give credits to each owner of each pet drawn. Sweet Coco belongs to 9boogirl (Prettypikachu), ever-so-dramatic Avalon belongs to SnowFox15, Toby belongs to LuckyTheBeagle, energetic Dash belongs to TaffyKitty12, and Piper belongs to PokeKinz! Thank you all for requesting! ❤

    • MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

      Congratulations, PurpleFox! You did a great job on Avalon! Are you accepting requests from anyone in Webkinz Newz about your Fan Art drawings? Cause I would love you do one of my pets! You’re soo creative!

      • TaffyKitty12 says:

        You’re welcome, PurpleFox! And thank you so much once again for drawing him! I really love the picture of Dash! ^-^

        • Prettypikachu says:

          Coco appreciates being famous because of you! Thanks so much @Purplefox, and congratulations for getting featured all by yourself! You have amazing talent! And is it okay if I use Coco’s base that you drew for some Design a Pet 2017 entries? Thanks again!!! :)

          • Prettypikachu says:

            I already have some drawn, (Meowsical Rainbow Kitten, Sprinkles n’ Sripes Ice Cream Cat) It’s important I have your permission to submit them, though. It would be sad to see your amazing work stolen without giving you any credit, I could never do that!

          • PurpleFox says:

            Yes, you may use it. (Prettypikachu/9boogirl is the only one that has permission of use my drawing of Coco as a base.) I only ask that you write “Base by PurpleFox, design by PrettyPikachu((or9boogirl, whatever!)) somewhere on your drawing!) :) Thank you for asking, Pika!

  6. PurpleFox says:

    I come on her after being offline for two days, and see that there’s a new Featured Art thing, hoping to see one of my drawings Featured again. I click this, and the whole thing is about my art, I’m flabbergasted (
    surprise (someone) greatly; astonish). I am so happy, and thankful to Ganz, and especially every single person who has commented about my art, thank you all SO much. I literally had my hand over my mouth, probably almost the entire time reading each comment.. Thank you all again, so much and TaffyKitty12, LuckyTheBeagle, PokeKinz, SnowFox15, 9boogirl (Prettypikachu) your pets got some fame today, congrats!

    • Pokekinz says:

      You’re welcome, PurpleFox! It’s really cool that you got a whole showcase for your art! :D

    • _emiemiemiemiemi_ says:

      I was wondering when you would see this. ;] I was really happy to see your art on here, too! Ah, and it’s hard to believe that you said you took about 20 minutes per drawing. Incredible.. Anytime I draw it takes at least 45 minutes for me to finish it. I think it’s because I’m a perfectionist, but still! You do an amazing job, so keep up the good work! Hopefully mine will get moderated some day.. haha xD

      • _emiemiemiemiemi_ says:

        Oh, and quick question (if you get to reply)… Do you use just colored pencils for your art? Because the outer black lines look very precise as if it was pen ink.

      • PurpleFox says:

        Well, around 20 minutes once I actually liked how it looked. DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON HOW LONG IT CAN TAKE ME TO ACTUALLY LIKE THE DRAWING ENOUGH TO FINISH IT! Lots of sketches that either I don’t like or I like, then I accidentally mess it up, haha. Thank you again! Also, I’m going to try to draw yours digitally.

        • PurpleFox says:

          Oh, and also, I use basic mechanical pencils to make the sketch, colored pencils for coloring, and I use a lot of ink from a basic ink pen to darken the outline of the pencil sketch.

          • TaffyKitty12 says:

            You’re welcome, PurpleFox! Congrats on being featured! It’s always awesome having your art shown on here, and wow, I bet it’s amazing having a a showcase of your own! :D

          • _emiemiemiemiemi_ says:

            Hehe xD Yeaaahh, my drawings usually take an hour or more, now that I think about it, lol. Okay, thanks! I just really liked how your lines turned out. They look so smooth, and well, perfect. =P The problem that I have with these more realistic, but still cartoony drawings is that I can’t ever get that ruffled fur look. The little spiky fur things.. They just never come out right. I don’t know why, but I can’t figure out exactly how it should look and so I can’t draw it the way I want it to look. Maybe I’ll figure it out someday. ;P

          • PurpleFox says:

            @_emiemiemiemiemi_ Hey, with practice, you might get furs just right! Try this. (Draw something easy, not something that you’d be upset if you messed up) when you want to draw spiky fur, do just that! Just let your hand make some sharp (or soft) zigzags at a kinda fast pace, and see how that turns out. While practicing, try making the zigzags curve along the lines. (Hope this helps a least a little! I’m not the best at explaining things!)

  7. lilypugrulestoo says:

    all very nice! great job!

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